What’s Trending in Interior Design: Boho + Luxury

Chicago Interior Design TrendsThe Boho trend has returned to the big doors in fashion and also interior design. The combination of ethical detail and luxury is one of the greatest trends, and it is easiest to achieve the look through minimalist spaces decorated with boho details. Exploring Instagram, it becomes clear that elements of geometry are present, especially in flooring, as accents on luxurious chandeliers, shelves filled with books, and as emerald green and royal blue geometric tones. If you are thinking about rearranging your home take into account your favorite current trends when finalizing the details and purchasing décor. Continue reading below for what’s currently trending.

Interior Design Trends

Chandeliers – What’s old is new! Grab your old chandelier out of the basement, give it a new shine, and reuse it.

Shelves – No longer just a place to store books, shelves are a way to show your creativity! Fill them with small decorative objects in natural materials mixed with oversized books.

Teal – This vibrant color is a prime example of how color can induce calming effects. Paint a whole room or use it as an accent color.

Moroccan rugs – If you have a love for all things exotic, incorporating Moroccan rugs into your design will create an eclectic style that showcases a love of traveling.

Cactus – Cacti accents are everywhere. You can find cactus accents as mini plants on shelves, patterns on decorative objects, and even the cactus color translated into paint colors.

Freestanding bathtubs – Freestanding bathtubs bring a touch of elegance and luxury into your bathroom.

Exposed Brick – Unfinished walls are having a big moment in interior design.

Colored leather – Both comfortable and contemporary, a leather couch in a bright color will be your favorite spot to relax.

Geometry – Modern tiles in simple shapes and parallel lines. Geometry is trending in markets around the world. Incorporate simple geometric patterns as modern tiles with simple shapes and parallel lines into your design.

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