How to Choose Your Flooring

Picking FlooringIf a flooring overhaul is on your home improvement project list this summer, you first must learn about the different flooring options at your disposal. Having your children and pets running around the house would mean choosing a flooring material that’s durable, long-lasting, and requires low maintenance.

The ideal flooring material for a home with children and pets is a material that does not require replacement every 3 to 5 years. Follow these top tips from leading technicians when choosing the right flooring for your home!

Which Area of the House Requires Flooring

Picking the right flooring material is nothing short of a challenge when you don’t have any previous experience or professional guidance. The first step is to determine which part of your home you will be renovating.

If you wish to replace your bathroom flooring, the most durable and water sound options would be porcelain or ceramic tile, or marble and stone. These materials have high to medium water absorbency and better longevity when exposed to water for long hours. Hardwood, engineered hardwood, porcelain, and ceramic tile make for great kitchen floors due to their durability and natural tendency to resist staining.

Consider your Overall Foot Traffic

Durable flooring in high-traffic areas is a must! It is also important to consider maintenance. Carpeting in a high-traffic area of your home may not be an ideal option as it will require regular cleaning to remove dirt and staining. Hard surfaces are highly recommended due to low maintenance of cleaning and durability.

Your Flooring Budget

Knowing your budget is an essential element for choosing the most appropriate flooring material. Laminate, hardwood (and engineered hardwood), and tile all come in low, mid, and high-end ranges to fit within your budget limitations. Always account for more square footage than you actually need to have extra stock on hand should major damage occur.

Hire an Experienced Professional

Many people prefer hiring a contractor for flooring rather than taking it on as a DIY project. Even if you have some knowledge about flooring and the materials you will need to use along with different equipment and tools, it is oftentimes more budget and time effective to hire an experienced professional. Speak to an experienced contractor who will not only guide you but will also understand your project and needs.

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