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Professional Home Remodeling in Chicago

As experienced home remodelers in Chicago, we know that keeping your home beautiful is a labor of love. It is also a regular exercise that only true professionals can get right. Getting professional services for home remodeling in Chicago demands caution as there are a number of contractors in the field that do not have the expertise required to take on such demanding remodeling projects.

Home additions large and small require experience and expertise for a number of reasons, including the fact that it demands greater attention to detail and much more precise project management.

Hiring Reliable Home Remodelers in Chicago Area

When you begin looking for a good home remodeling contractor in Chicago, it’s important to confirm the company you choose is licensed and insured as a mistake can be very costly without these safety nets. Unless you know a business you trust in this line of work already, there are a number of items you will need to consider and questions you need to ask before you decide to hire a contractor.

The most important thing to discuss with your contractor once you find one that fits your needs is what you are expecting at the end result of your remodel. It is critical that you communicate your expectations clearly to your contractor prior to the start of your project. It is also just as important for the contractor to communicate their expectations.

At Areté, we make sure to ask the important questions in order to fully understand your vision and your budget. We conduct a phone screening and questionnaire with every client before scheduling an estimate to ensure we are the best fit for each other. We believe that it is necessary to give realistic expectations and advice on where you will get the most return on your investment before we can move forward with your project.

Chicago Home Remodeling  Must-Haves

Here is a helpful list of bullet points to check once you have chosen a remodeling service that you feel you can trust with your home renovation project:

  • The company you hire should be a licensed and insured general contractor, with a proven track record in home remodeling in Chicago. Check that their licensing covers your county and meets local requirements.
  • They must have an experienced team with a variety of skill sets since you will need more than just an electrician or plumber for your remodel.
  • They have been in the business for many years and have the necessary experience to complete a project similar to yours from start to finish. Asking them to take you onsite to see some of their in-progress projects would be a great way in determining this. They should also be able to share references, finished project photos, and other projects they completed in your building or neighborhood.

If the remodeling service you hired cannot provide any of the above information, it is best you choose to go with a different contractor.

Experienced Home Remodelers in Chicago

When you choose to work with Areté Renovators, you will always have the satisfaction of knowing your home remodel is in the hands of a seasoned team of home remodeling experts. As professionals that specialize in home remodeling in Chicago, we have a broad understanding of the trends and preferences of homeowners. Our professional teams always work in line with state regulations for construction standards, which enables us to offer the best quality service possible.

  • We have been providing our fully licensed and insured professional services for home remodeling in Chicago for almost 21 years and have completed over 2,000 projects in the Chicago area.
  • We have consistently maintained extremely high satisfaction rates with our clients throughout all these years leading to lasting relationships and repeat business from prior clients.
  • We have successfully continued to grow our business year over year. We completed 134 remodel projects in 2020, which was a 25% growth increase from 2019.

Areté assigns each project a project coordinator who is your primary point of contact through the completion of your project. They will be onsite in your home each day and will facilitate all approvals with your building management and file appropriate permits. You will also receive daily updates from your project coordinator that include photos and detailed progress.

All of this communication ensures that the remodeling process goes smoothly. However, it is important to note that errors and omissions in remodeling occur on every project. It is important to revisit the scope and drawings once demo is completed. This is one aspect of a project that often gets overlooked and leads to a high volume of change orders.

You should have trust in your Chicago contractor to take charge and suggest the best resolution to keep on schedule and best fit your needs and wants. We want our clients to be included in all major decisions and steps of the remodeling process. Your project coordinator is the perfect bridge between you and our contractors. If you are in the Chicago area and are considering adding value to your home by remodeling or adding an addition, contact us today at 773.683.3033 to schedule a consultation.





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