High Rise Condo Remodeling

High Rise Condo Remodeling In Chicago

High-rise condominiums are plentiful across the Chicago skyline, and with the beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the city, many people look to bring that beauty inward to their condominium space. However, remodeling in a high rise can bring some obstacles that are very different than remodeling in a single-family home. It’s important that you hire a professional team who understands how to work with compliance in your building and takes all the necessary safety precautions of working in a high-rise seriously.

Most high-rise condominium associations have very strict guidelines for construction improvements in their building. Workers need to have security clearance to enter the building and can’t do their work during any other hours than the association has specified. Most condos restrict the amount of structural changes allowed to the existing structure, such as cutting up the concrete floors or the use of jackhammers on concrete beams. Most of all, they are extremely sensitive to any activities disrupting the other condo owners. When you choose to work with Areté, we will designate a project coordinator to each individual project that completes the following:

  • Elevator Reservations Many condos and high rises require a freight elevator reservation in order to transport materials back and forth from each unit. Your project coordinator will schedule this reservation and make sure the materials get delivered to your project on time.
  • Water Shut-Offs Living in a multi-unit building means plumbing stacks don’t just service your unit. Buildings require advance notice to other residents for water shut-offs which our team will help coordinate.
  • Building Compliance All condos and high-rise buildings have mandated working hours that only allow construction work to be completed within a certain timeframe. The condo docs also specify insurance, licensing, and bonding requirements and an application to apply for approval by the Board of Directors prior to starting work. The majority of high rises require contractors to consult with the building’s engineer for approval to plumbing changes and inspections to ensure the work was done in compliance with building standards.
  • Common Elements Working in tight quarters and using shared elevators and hallways to access the unit requires special care and protection to ensure no damage is done to the common areas. Some buildings may require a damage deposit that is returned upon a successful final inspection after the project is completed. If damages are noted, the contractor is responsible to repair any damage that does occur in the common areas.

You will also receive daily updates from your project coordinator that include photos and detailed progress. All of this communication ensures that the remodeling process goes smoothly. However, it is important to note that errors and omissions in remodeling occur on every project.

People make mistakes, and generally the more complex the project, the more likely it is that minor errors will occur. It is up to us to fix these mistakes to the best of our abilities so we can keep the schedule moving and our clients happy. We want to include our clients every step of the way of the remodeling process, and we feel your project coordinator is the perfect bridge between you and our contractors. If you are the owner of a condo and are considering renovating or gut-rehabbing your space, contact Areté Renovators at 773.683.3033 today to discuss your options.





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