Home Additions and Structural Changes

Adding to and refreshing your home is always the best way for a new change without moving. If you’re thinking about making these changes, always make sure you get the right permission before diving headfirst into a big project.

What Is Considered A Structural Change?

Home AdditionsThe standard HOA clause describes a structural change as anything that can impair the ‘structural integrity’ of the building or may change it structurally.

A structural change essentially refers to condo or homeowners who want to change the original floor plan and also remove some walls in the process. If that is the case, you need to run your design plans by the HOA since they know what it takes to ensure a building remains structurally sound post renovations. You need permission before you make any structural changes to your house or condo.

You do not require a building permit for certain repair and replacement work. If you want to put in something simple like a fence, however; you do have to consider the height restrictions. In Chicago, you need one if the fence is going to be higher than five feet.

Why Hiring an Architect Is a Good Idea!

This is one of the main reasons why most homeowners hire experienced architects to design alterations on their behalf. In fact, most associations ask for those specifically. Architects know Chicago construction codes intimately and will know exactly what type of plan can pass inspections.

Architects are highly attuned to the design and layout they create including which walls are load-bearing and how certain decisions can affect HVAC efficiencies among other considerations. However, it is your responsibility as the owner of the condo to ensure any home additions they mention in the plan are implemented to the letter.

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