Areté Inspire

Quality Over Quantity

Areté offers luxury remodeling services all over the Chicagoland area, but sometimes our clients don’t need to go above and beyond when it comes to designing their next remodeling project. Many times, people are just looking for a facelift in their bathroom and kitchen that will improve the quality of their lives without overinvesting on a return they won’t see. This is where our more affordable line of services come in, or as we like to call it, Areté Inspire.

What sets Areté Inspire apart from our full design build services? With Areté Inspire, we streamline our design services and simplify material choices to make high-end remodeling more affordable for our clients who are looking for a more modest remodel. It’s important to note that it is a difference in the quantity of design options, not a difference in the quality of service provided. Here are just a few important things to expect when choosing Areté Inspire:

  • Affordable Designs – With Areté Inspire, customization is kept to a minimum. The footprint of the room or home will remain the same with no movement of walls or changes to plumbing and electrical locations. Many of the material options given during the design consultation will come from our supplier’s conventional lines that are in stock and median-priced.
  • Faster Lead Times – When customization is kept to a minimum, lead times are cut in half. Custom materials like bathroom vanities, handmade tiles, and cabinetry all add to material lead time. If you are working within a strict and tight timeline to remodel your home and put it on the market, you are going to need your materials as quickly as possible.
  • Simple Finishes – Areté Inspire is also a great choice when you are looking for a more simplistic design style for your home. You can create a clean and classic look that is both fully functional, photo-worthy, and timeless.

Areté Inspire is a great option to consider for those who are working on a strict budget, looking to do minor renovations to a rental, or make cosmetic updates prior to listing for sale. Many times homeowners overspend on custom designs only for them to get demolished and renovated once more when the next person buys their property to better fit their style.

Any sort of custom design means that the buyer’s furnishings may not go with the scheme. This is now an added expense and hassle in the buyer’s eyes, and may just mean that the next property that has more neutral colors and minimal updates needed will win when they are choosing which home to buy. In order to get the most return on your investment, make it easier for your buyer to visualize their decor in your home by streamlining the design and simplifying your remodel with Areté Inspire.

For 19 years we have been working with Chicago area homeowners helping them make their visions a reality by remodeling their homes. Call today at (773) 610-4551 for an initial consultation or visit our showroom at 3821 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 to discuss in person.


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