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Decks are a beautiful, practical addition to any home. But what is the typical lifespan of a deck? With all four seasons in Chicago, it’s tough to say for sure. A deck can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years depending on the quality of the composite material. If you’re seeing warping, deterioration, or cracking it may be time to think about your next project with Areté.

Decks are not immune to wear and tear, especially in Chicago. Our tough winters and severe summer thunderstorms don’t make it easy at all on homeowners who just want an extended outdoor living space in the warm months. But, when it is finally nice out to enjoy some outdoor time, here are some options to consider with your deck space:

  • Restoration – Rotting due to moisture build-up, improper flashing, or construction with substandard wood all call for proper deck restoration. Areté has a team of experts that know how to efficiently repair old materials and get your deck back to being safe and beautiful.
  • Remodeling – Maybe you have bigger plans for your deck that involve extending or enclosing it to create an all-season room. No matter your thoughts, we can make sure that your deck is reaching its fullest potential so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long.
  • Design – You have your brand new deck, but now what? We can help you fill in those blank spaces. Adding a grilling area, pergola, string lights, or seating can turn your deck into a space that is perfect for relaxing and hosting.

It’s important that once your new deck is completed, you keep up with the maintenance that is required to make it last. In order to keep your deck looking like new, pressure washing is the most beneficial thing you can do to keep your deck looking nice year-round. It’s best to pressure wash your deck space at least once a year to keep it in optimal condition. However, depending on the products used to stain or paint it, it may need more frequent washes. With a little planning, good design, and proper upkeep, your deck will be your new favorite part of your home.

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