What’s Trending in Design?

A new year means new perspectives – even for your home’s interior design. While some design elements remain timeless, certain design elements should be replaced with trendier options. Embracing what works can prevent your home from standing out because of its dated decor.

Here are some home décor trends you can implement this year:

Artisanal Fixtures

Chicago design trendsToday, interior design is all about standing out and personalizing certain areas, rather than sticking to cookie-cutter looks. This is why more and more homeowners are going for artisanal options such as artsy fixtures, which can help them maintain a distinctive aesthetic.

These have a handcrafted feel to them, allowing them to blend into personalized décor naturally and seamlessly. The imperfect nature of artisanal pieces can add an otherworldly charm to your décor and shift perspective without compromising the comfy and inviting feel of a room.

Sleek and Modern Fireplaces

Gone are the days when big, robust fireplaces were an essential part of a home’s design. Today, most homeowners are opting for non-invasive and sleeker options, which elevate their interior décor without overtaking it. Subtle fireplaces can appear timeless and increase the value of your home at the same time.

What is great about these compact fireplaces is they take up very little space and seamlessly blend into a home’s décor. A modern fireplace will look like an organic part of your home, rather than a garish centerpiece.

Painted Ceilings

There is a fifth wall in your rooms that is going underutilized that more homeowners are taking note of this year. We are referring to the ceiling. Whether you prefer to paint it, wallpaper it, or add new molding, a ceiling can be used to accentuate a space from a completely different perspective.

This is a good design technique for intimate spaces such as formal dining areas, the bedroom, and the bathroom. Just keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind (60% of the room in a dominant color, 30% in a secondary color or texture, and 10% as an accent). You can either use the same base color on the ceiling or make it an accent wall with a different color to make it stand out. Either way, you will get a room that guests cannot help but stare in awe at.

Multi-Functional Spaces

Remember – less is more and sustainable solutions are leading design trends across the board. This is why more homeowners are opting for open space and multi-functional homes, which maximize their needs.

This includes dining and kitchen areas and multipurpose furniture that can perform double duty as bedroom or living room pieces.  You can also opt for seating options that double as storage spaces. The aim is to prioritize functionality without compromising style.

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