Top Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands are great ways to expand your kitchen and can act like a statement piece. The right island can complete a kitchen. Here are some ways you can transform this staple kitchen fixture and make it stand out.

Upgrade the Hardware

Gold Coast Kitchen RemodelWhile old hardware may make your island have a slight vintage quality, upgrading those pieces can bring it into the modern era. Simple gold-toned touch handles or accent pieces will do wonders. Dress the back of the island with dummy drawers or door fronts to renew the piece and spruce up the plain look.

Add Molding

By adding molding to the faces and corners of the kitchen island, especially if you have a transitional kitchen, it can bring the look from plain to great. This style choice will make the piece more cohesive with the surrounding décor, which enhances its timeless quality.

Lighten Up the Space

You don’t have to remove your existing kitchen island to make it unique. Just strategically add LED lights to completely transform it. For example, under-cabinet strip lights can serve as accent lighting that will brighten and add ambiance. Additionally, hanging pendant lights right on top of the counter will make the kitchen island stand out and add extra décor.

Go for a Distressed Finish

A kitchen island can look like a treasured antique if it has the right distressed finish. With the appropriate heirloom stains or paint, you can get an island that will give your kitchen a stylish and lived-in appearance at the same time.

Waterfall Countertops

A waterfall countertop is the answer to extra countertop space and a flawless design. The design extends over the top of the cabinets and right down to the floor on both sides. Besides adding a streamlined touch to the kitchen, the countertop also provides accessible seating space for bar stools and high chairs.

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