Choosing the Right Countertop

choosing countertopsHere are some popular options we suggest that have either long dominated the countertop scene or have recently gained popularity. When choosing your countertop material, it’s important to remember to find the style that best fits your needs. Countertops are often the centerpiece of the room, so ensure you take the time and do your research before making a decision!


Pros: Granite has been a popular countertop choice for some time now. There are numerous reasons for its popularity, but mainly it is because the surface is strong, durable, and delivers a beautiful high-end look that can resonate throughout your kitchen.

Cons: Granite is expensive; you can expect to see countertops starting at $100 per square foot. Although it is one of the most popular household materials, granite requires considerable upkeep. It is porous and must be sealed properly to prevent stains and bacteria from settling into its pores.


Pros: Concrete can be described as extremely durable, hard, and tough. It can also withstand a high level of heat and does not scratch easily. Lastly, concrete can be stained or pigmented, creating an imitation look to natural stone.

Cons: Like many other options you’ll read here, concrete will require a significant amount of maintenance. It must be sealed after installment and resealed every 1-3 years to protect against staining.


Pros: Quartz has gained popularity in recent years due to it being low maintenance. Quartz does not require routine sealing. It is naturally durable and some slabs even mimic the look of natural stone at a fraction of the price compared to their natural stone counterparts. Quartz is also scratch and stain-resistant. With modern technology, quartz comes in a variety of options, colors, and styles.

Cons: It’s hard to find as many negatives with quartz; however, it can get pricey depending on the style and look you are trying to achieve. Pricing can range from $60-$200 per square foot. In addition, quartz is not as heat resistant compared to other countertops.

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Pros: When you’re talking wood countertops, most will say they chose this option because of its natural organic beauty. Wood countertops offer an appearance that is unrivaled by any other surface.

Cons: If wood is your countertop choice, then you should be ready for consistent and diligent upkeep. Wood surfaces must be properly sealed, protected against water damage, and over time will need to be refinished.


Pros: Depending on your needs, laminate is often chosen for its affordable prices and an array of color offerings. It remains popular for anyone on a tight budget and its easy installation process gives owners an option to self-install.

Cons: On the downside, laminate damages easily and it especially does not do well with heat. Because of the way it is manufactured, the surface can scratch and pieces will often chip away. In addition, new buyers are looking for timeless materials when buying a home. Laminate is dated material and does not provide the same return on investment as would quartz or natural stone.

Current Hot Trend

Quartz – Because of its reasonable price and low maintenance, quartz countertops seem to be everyone’s top choice. With the ability to create numerous colors and looks, it is safe to say quartz is here to stay.

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