Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Chicago Bathroom Storage IdeasIt was Benjamin Franklin who said, “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” Even if you are extremely proud of your bathroom remodeling, clutter will for sure hide that beauty. The good news is that with smart storage options, you can make the room fully functional without compromising on aesthetics.

Top Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Recessed Shelves and Wall Niches

Whether your bathroom is compact or you don’t want to add more elements to your new one, consider wall niches or recessed shelves as storage options. Those small, out-of-the-way spaces will tuck away your small bottles and lotions so you don’t need to invest in a large shelf. Additionally, you can also use the space as display spaces for small knick-knacks such as aromatic potpourri.

2. Inbuilt Mirror Storage

No, we are not talking about those unsightly plastic units you can find in any bathroom. There are a number of aesthetically pleasing bathroom storage solutions in the market that can add rather than take away from this room’s beauty and functionality. Use them to store medication, lotions, scrubs, body butter, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other essentials you have to use every morning.

3. Baskets and Bins

A normal dustbin will not do. Invest in bins or wire baskets that add natural texture to your new bathroom. Bins that have the same color scheme as the tiles will blend in seamlessly with the décor. These come in a range of sizes so you can fit all of your essentials and even decorative soaps in there without damaging them. Buy some with lids if you don’t want to see all of those items.

4. Small Trays

Trays don’t have to remain in the kitchen. Small and stylish ones can prove to be invaluable additions to your bathroom as well. How? Well, you can keep small items such as lip balms and face serums organized and accessible when needed. Use delicate gold trays to accentuate sconces and framed mirrors to bring the décor together.

5. Vintage Storage Options

Whether you want to forego shelves because of space limitations or personal style, vintage storage options such as an armoire will always prove stylish. Traditional and timeless, these can be quirky additions to your bathroom that provide extra storage stage to boot. Pair one with printed wallpaper of the same color to make a style statement to a functional idea.

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