It is More Than Just an Accent – Wallpaper Trends

Depending on who you ask, wallpaper never really went out of style. While some original prints from the ’80s and ’90s may look and feel like they should be retired, both vintage and modern wallpaper can be used to make walls stunning works of art. Here are some trends you can use to do just that.

Tapestry Design

Wallpaper TrendsWallpaper designs inspired by tapestries are all the rage. Their popularity keeps rising with homeowners as more want the seamless more permanent look. The unique print can become a focal point of any room. Boasting expansive landscapes, this wallpaper design is a great way to introduce a palette of colors to a bland space.

Geometric and Graphic Prints

Considered to be the hottest design ideas in wallpaper trends today, graphic and geometric prints add a modern and playful look to almost any space they are placed. For instance, art deco prints can add a sophisticated touch to bland surroundings and make them more elegant. Bold, white, and neutral color patterns can help you make the most of this design trend.

Metallic Prints

Considered as novelty wallpaper, metallic prints fit seamlessly into a high-tech design and can also add some much-needed aesthetics to minimalist décor. While black and graphite are ideal colors of choice, your walls can look uninspired if you choose a single color. Refresh the trend by using wallpaper with a metallic or matte finish and a rough texture.

Panorama Designs

Panorama or mural landscape designs are making a comeback and in a big way. Originally delegated to living rooms and bedrooms, the designs have now regained their popularity and can be found today in bathrooms and foyers. Atmospheric panoramas and scenery allow this wallpaper trend to offer aspiring interior decorators plenty of options to create a style statement with their home.

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