7 Creative Ways to Breathe Art into Your Space

When we think of the arts, we normally picture artists painting on a blank canvas, a twirling ballerina dancing across a stage, or a grand orchestra playing classical music. But if you really stop and think about it, art can be so much more than what we make it out to be.

It is the newly paved highway you drive on your way home from work that annoyingly took months to complete, it is the tulip garden that sprouted just in time for Spring, and it is vanilla latte your barista made for you this morning.

At Arete Renovators in Chicago, we believe anything can be art if it is looked at through a creative lens, and that is exactly what we like to do with each project we take on. No matter the size of the project, the art of remodeling can be found all throughout the renovation process.

Finding creative home solutions for our clients is an art form within itself, and we love the art that we make. Here are seven ways that will help you view your project through an artistic lens every step of the way, and hopefully leave you with a practical and charming space for your whole family to enjoy.

Creative Corners

Chicago bedroom remodelingWe all have those awkward corner spaces in our homes that we’re just not sure what to do with. They’re just barely too small to shove a piece of furniture into, but slightly too large to leave empty. In addition to that issue, there are also those rooms where we just wish we had a little extra storage or seating or display space.

Usually, these rooms and corners combine into one space and end up with piles of miscellaneous items in mismatched storage containers, staring at you from across the room until you finally work up the courage to tackle the mess on a Sunday afternoon. Well, not anymore! There are tons of ways to make use of those corners that you probably never even thought of.

You can add geometric shelving for books, create a plant sanctuary, build a reading nook, add L-shaped furniture, or make a tiny closet with hanging rods and a folding screen. The possibilities of creating more storage or seating space with added charm are endless. All it takes is just a bit of creativity (and a lot of Pinterest scrolling).

Mix Up Your Materials

Kitchen Remodeling in ChicagoMany clients want to go for that modern, mainstream look and are afraid to step outside of the box with the types of materials used in their build.

But what if you could incorporate many different materials in order to capture the perfect look that is custom to what YOU want?

Creative remodeling can turn that mainstream mentality on its head. A great example of this can be seen here with this oven hood. This unconventional vent hood picks up on the wood tones of the floor, even as it adds its own perfect imperfections to the room’s mix.

This is an inventive use of materials that adds trend-forward personalization as well as warmth and visual interest. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be the only room you mix and match materials, either. Bathrooms, fireplaces, and even exterior builds are all great spaces to add artistic contrast.

It’s All in the Architecture

stairway remodeling in ChicagoWhen you walk through a home that has a great flow to it, everything just feels right. The space is used practically, but it is still cozy and welcoming.

Almost always this is due to the extreme precision of the architectural detailing.

Architectural detailing such as wainscoting, molding, tile, cabinetry details, and lighting style have to work together from room to room, but some architects tend to overlook the small details in order to save time and money.

The charm of a design can be easily diminished by poor preparation and execution which is why it is so important to ensure that your architect has an extremely meticulous (and artistic) eye.

Designing the way a home is structured truly is a craft that not everyone can master. From the mitered edge on the molding to the inconspicuous wall outlets and under cabinet lighting, these small items make a big difference when it comes to the finished product.

Add More Molding

custom ceilingMany people underestimate the power molding has on a home. It helps cover unevenness, crooked lines, and many other cosmetic errors, and it also enhances the space to give it that “finished” look.

The main types of molding generally fall into three categories: cove, base, and casing. Cove molding is usually used on ceilings, base molding is applied to the space between floors and walls, and casing is used around doors and windows.

Cove molding is frequently combined with crown molding depending on the look you want to achieve. However, molding does not always have to be used to frame a room. Take these closet doors for example. On their own, these floor-to-ceiling cabinet doors would simply overpower the room. But with graceful molding, the doors offer an elegant, artful display. It is eye-catching, creative, and an easy way to add a touch of originality to your space.

Pops of Color

Chicago bathroom remodelingColor can have a huge impact in a home. It can control the feeling you get when you step into a room, your overall mood, and even your appetite.

The colors you surround yourself with will have a direct impact on your state of mind so it is important to choose what colors you incorporate into your space wisely.

Color is also a great way to take a creative spin on your home improvement project. But you don’t always have to get your pops of color from paint. Adding things like sofas, accent chairs, and art on the walls is more than enough for those who don’t feel like breaking out their paintbrushes and buckets.

However, if you are in the mood to paint, adding color to bookshelves, doors, window frames, and trim are all subtle ways of breathing creativity into your space. If you’re looking for a bolder look, try painting an accent wall with an unexpected color like emerald, ruby red, or ocean blue.

This leaves endless opportunities for you to play off these bold colors with smaller accent pieces throughout the space. That way, the color creates a unique look without feeling too overwhelming.

Multi-Functional Design

MultiFunctional designCreative remodeling is at its best when it solves multiple problems at once. If the design is just as great as its function, it really captures what the whole point of the remodeling process is about.

There are many different examples of combining functionality with design, some being extreme and others being a little more slight.

Take this hidden wine cellar for the extreme example. The kitchen island literally opens up to a hidden wine cellar in the basement of the home. This unexpected door to any wine lover’s heaven is covered by a normal quartz countertop.

No one would ever suspect that there is anything underneath this kitchen island, but that is the point of it. It takes a certain artistic eye to dream this idea up and turn it into reality.

Now, we understand that not everyone has the ability to add a hidden wine cellar underneath their kitchen island, but that does not mean you cannot combine functionality and design still. You can build a wall with built-in pull-out drawers that will not only increase your storage space but add to the visual interest of the room, as well. The possibilities are endless if you can dream them.

Let There Be Light

Skylights in ChicagoWhen it comes to smaller spaces, bringing light into the room can put up a bit of a challenge. Even with large spaces, it is hard to figure out what the best route to go is with window placement.

A few ways to work around these problems include wall color, mirrors, and scaled-down windows. Painting a room light gray or white actually allows the natural light to bounce off the walls and allows the space to feel larger.

Darker walls and furniture typically make the room feel smaller and cramped, so stay away from those things if you are looking to brighten up a room. Another option is to add mirrors in spaces that already reflect light. If you have a small window in your room, add a mirror wherever the light floods the room the most.

The natural light will be distributed throughout the room, and you can even get artistic with the shapes of mirrors you use. Lastly, the obvious way to flood light into a space is to add windows. However, they don’t have to be as large as you originally thought. Even adding casement or awning windows above your kitchen sink or couch can make a huge difference in the look of the space.

Adding an artistic touch to your home remodeling project could be the difference between a mediocre finished product and a jaw-dropping transformation.

Our tagline at Arete Renovators is “The Art of Remodeling”, and we make sure to do just that–turn remodeling into an art form. Our aim is to achieve creative excellence by providing the best remodeling services in Streeterville, West Loop, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, River North, Gold Coast, Old Town, and Roscoe Village. Breathe some art into your space and get in touch with us for a consultation today! Call us at 773-610-4551