Your Basic Guide to Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen RemodelingCabinets are essential to every household and often where the bulk of your money is spent while remodeling. Although it’s great to have many options to choose from, all the different styles and wording can be overwhelming. We’ll try to break this down to a beginner’s guide for you.

Three Types of Cabinetry

Stock: These are cabinets you’ll see at brand-name stores that offer limited styles, designs, and finishes. They will be your cheapest option and the quickest to deliver.

Semi-Custom: Semi-Custom cabinets give you a chance to personalize your cabinets and offer more designs, colors, and features.

Custom: Gives you a chance to completely have control over your cabinets’ design so you can have the exact look and feel you imagined

Base Cabinets
Sometimes called lower cabinets, base cabinets are the ones you find under islands or your bathroom sink. They provide a sturdy base for heavy countertops and offer plenty of storage space or unique features such as pull-out trash bins.

Tall Cabinets
Otherwise known as pantry cabinets, these long, vertical storage spaces provide plenty of room for spices and large items such as mops or brooms.

Semi-Custom Kitchen cabinetsWall Cabinets
As the name describes, these cabinets are hung on the wall rather than resting on the floor.

Some Cabinetry Terms

Stile: Vertical pieces of frames, such as face frames and door frames.

Dovetail Joint: Type of interlocking corner of a cabinet drawer.

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