Top Design Plans From The Best Bathroom Remodelers in Chicago

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Chicago Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, only the best will do. After all, the shower and bathtub are substantial pillars of home design, so you want it to reflect your unique style as much as possible. Aside from that, it is imperative that your bathroom fits the everyday needs of you and your loved ones as well. If you’re looking for expertly crafted bathrooms in Chicago, we’ve got you covered at Arete’!

Our top picks from our renowned team of Chicago bathroom remodelers are sure to give you bathroom vibes unlike any other; these amazing designs combine modern luxury with incredible features that will make each day more inviting than ever before. Read on for our favorite chic spaces – no matter what look or feel you desire – and find out how the most talented design crews can transform your own personal oasis into a breathtaking masterpiece!

The Compact Bathroom Layout

As more and more people move into small spaces, city apartments, or find the need to add an additional small bathroom to their existing home, the need for smart and efficient interior design becomes increasingly important. One layout that has gained popularity is the compact bathroom layout. It has the potential to maximize utility and space, and it doesn’t have to compromise on style either! With the right planning and design (from the help of our experts – of course), compact bathrooms can include all the necessary features while still feeling very luxurious.

In fact, a well-designed compact bathroom can even feel bigger than its actual size. For instance, the use of tall ceilings, mirror placement, an airy color scheme, vertical patterns, and intentional lighting can greatly impact your bathroom and make it feel all the more expansive! Investing in a compact bathroom can truly make a difference in the livability of a small space and add value to your home.

The Full Bath Layout

Escape the stresses of the day with a full bath layout that offers a complete suite of features. Tired muscles will be soothed in a relaxing soak in the bathtub, while the separate shower offers a refreshing start to the day. There are endless amounts of possibilities when it comes to this layout. Of course, this layout is meant for those fortunate enough to have extra space in their homes. Be creative and consider incorporating a built-in makeup vanity with custom lighting/seating!

Your personal care routines have never been easier. This is the perfect space to include double sinks which are ideal for couples or the busy family. The addition of a water closet allows for the privacy and convenience we all seek. This layout is perfect for those seeking the ultimate luxurious bathing experience, with ample space for all your pampering needs. Create a sophisticated and functional retreat in your own home with a full bath layout.

Three-quarters Bathroom Layout

Do you dream of having a luxurious, spa-like bathroom but only have limited space to work with? A three-quarters-bathroom layout might just be the solution for you! While it skips the soaking tub, it still includes all the essentials you need – a walk-in shower, toilet, and sink. Not only is this layout perfect for smaller homes, but it’s also ideal for those who prefer quick, invigorating showers over long, relaxing baths.

Let’s be honest here. How often do we actually have time to take baths anyway? If your answer is multiple times a week, maybe you should strongly consider going with a full bath, but if not, then this is the option for you. If you want to make the most out of your space without sacrificing style or functionality, a three-quarters bathroom is the perfect choice.

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The Powder Room

The powder room, also known as a half bath, is one of the most practical yet underrated spaces in any home. If you’re in need of a second bathroom for visitors or just prefer to keep your own bathroom private, this is the answer. With only a toilet and sink, it takes up minimal space while still providing the convenience that you deserve. Although a small space, a well-designed powder room can make a significant impact on the value of your home. The average ROI for an updated powder room in Chicago is a staggering 54.1% according to a study conducted by!

Don’t underestimate the importance of this space, as it may generate the wow factor that could make your home stand out amongst the rest. Even though this is typically a smaller space within your home, adding as much personality as possible will be sure to make it a conversation piece. Work with a designer who will help you choose the right dramatic mirror, lighting, or even a statement wallpaper for your space. This is the perfect recipe to create and elevate your powder room to make a lasting impression.

The Bathroom Laundry-Room Combo

Innovative and efficient, the idea of having a laundry area integrated within a bathroom is a game-changer. This layout not only optimizes space but also enhances convenience, particularly for those who live in a city such as Chicago where space can be at a premium. With various bathroom layouts available, it’s crucial to find the one that perfectly suits your lifestyle, preferences, and space constraints. Contrary to popular belief, this design plan doesn’t have to be intrusive whatsoever! An expert can help you conceal your washer and dryer in a way that isn’t an eyesore. In a world where function and practicality must go hand-in-hand with design aesthetics, this is an ideal way for the modern homeowner to marry the two!

The Split-Entry Bathroom

Embracing the unique charm of a split-entry bathroom design can revolutionize your living experience. This innovative layout is not just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to smart, functional design that maximizes space and enhances convenience. A split-entry bathroom allows direct access to a single bathroom from multiple areas of your home. This design is most commonly used to connect two bedrooms, referred to as a jack-and-jill bathroom, which is ideal for families with multiple children.

It provides the luxury of an ensuite bathroom with the practicality of saving space by not having to go with separate bathrooms. If there’s enough space for it, a variation of this layout is to have a private sink and vanity space for each bathroom that then connects to a separate water closet with a shower or shower/tub combo. This layout would allow some privacy and let multiple people use the room simultaneously. If this sounds like a good option, working with a design team to incorporate this into your home might be the route for you.

The Closet/Bathroom Combo

Integrating your closet and bathroom into a single luxurious master suite can elevate your everyday routines into a seamless blend of convenience, style, and indulgence. This innovative design solution not only optimizes space but also introduces a level of functionality that’s hard to match. Imagine stepping out from a relaxing shower or bath directly into your dressing area, where your clothes, shoes, and accessories are neatly displayed and within arm’s reach.

This layout eliminates the need for unnecessary trips back and forth between separate rooms, streamlining your morning and evening routines. More than just practicality, combining these two essential spaces allows for a cohesive design narrative. Work with a professional to create a unified aesthetic that flows effortlessly from your bathing area to your dressing space, enhancing the overall ambiance of your master suite.

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While following trends can be tempting, remember that the key to a perfect bathroom is one that resonates with you and provides comfort, functionality, and a touch of personal style. And if you need personalized advice, a local interior design professional is the way to go. Embark on this exciting journey of designing your bathroom and trust your instincts – every decision you make takes you closer to crafting a space that’s uniquely yours.

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