Top 4 Ways to Make your Patio and Porch Really Stand Out

Outdoor Remodeling

The kitchen and living room may make up the heart of a home, but your porch and patio are the elements that can make or break a first impression. While both are separate elements of your home, they can add serious value to your property with some touch-ups. Here are some tips that can help:

Consider The View

Chicago patio designWhile your porch and patio should be comfortable, you should also consider the view they offer – especially from inside your home. Will your porch and patio block a pretty view of the mountains or a lake behind or in front of your home, or will they enhance it? Considering this often-ignored element will help in designing a porch or patio that can serve as a visual as well as a comforting treat for visitors.

Use Your Home As A Guide

Many homeowners in Chicago don’t consider whether the design they have for their porch or patio will blend with the architecture. The result is usually unsightly. Outdoor elements that do not coincide with the lines of your home end up standing out like sore thumbs. Prevent this from happening by choosing materials that mimic the ones your house is made of and add screens that look like the windows.

Refresh The Furniture

Patio and porch furniture doesn’t have to mimic indoor pieces – especially if you want to make those areas pop. Make the space look fresh and inviting by updating your traditional wicker and metal chairs with a fresh coat of paint. Use bright colors such as reds and yellows to really make the area stand out. If not, consider adding colorful cushions or re-cover existing ones with bold colored covers.

Add Flora

Who says flowers only belong in your yard? Add splashes of color to your porch and patio by placing potted flowers at strategic points. You don’t have to use pots. Get creative by using old cans, pitchers, and even a wheelbarrow for the exterior. This is a cost-efficient and easy way to bring color to drab outdoor spaces that are a part of your house.

Before adding a porch or patio to your home, make sure it does not violate Illinois building codes. A professional contractor will be aware of these and for times you don’t need a permit.

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