Tips for Remodeling your Chicago High-Rise

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Are you feeling like your Chicago high-rise needs a makeover? Is your space dated, impractical, or a little too cramped to enjoy? With the right remodeling plan, even these small spaces can turn into stunning—not to mention practical—homes. This guide will give you the inspiration that you seek to get the ball rolling on your renovation!

Home of the Future

Add energy-efficient appliances, smart devices, and updated fixtures to lower your bills, add convenience to your day-to-day, and reduce emissions. Having a home of the future doesn’t have to be far-fetched. There are plenty of options on the market in every price range, from energy-efficient appliances that really tie into that whole “reduce emissions” thing. But if you’re looking for a way to up your game – smart devices? Heck yeah! You can get voice-controlled doorbells, microwaves, lighting…you name it.

With features like these, you’ll be living like the Jetsons in no time. And don’t worry about breaking the bank – being forward-thinking doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Sure it adds convenience to your life and may even lower those pesky utility bills…but don’t forget that a lot of these gizmos just might make us feel cool too – which is priceless.

Expand your space

Consider the benefits of combining your neighboring condo with your own to add additional space if you plan to stay in your home long-term. Have you been dreaming of expanding the space in your condo but don’t want to move? Lucky for you, there’s no need to relocate – consider combining your condo with the neighboring unit!

Whether it’s connecting through previously-walled-off hallways, or bringing an extra bedroom or bathroom into the fold, adding an additional living area can be extremely satisfying and beneficial. Especially if you’re planning to stay in your home long term, expanding into the neighboring condo and giving yourself a little breathing room could make all the difference. You’ll thank yourself later!

Increase Comfort & Function For Your Space

Invest in soundproofing to reduce noise from outside and neighbors. No one loves the sounds of sirens, construction work, and other city noises when they’re trying to relax or concentrate. We all know that Chicago can get especially rowdy during Cubs season! Investing in soundproofing for your space increases comfort and function – suddenly, you can play music as loud as you want (or even let Mom watch her favorite soap opera without worrying about anyone hearing), enjoying your relaxation time without any outside interference. And don’t forget your patient neighbors – there’s no better way to thank them than with a sound-free melody of peace emanating from within your walls!

Storage is Key

Work alongside a designer to come up with innovative and practical storage solutions for your space. When it comes to storage, don’t settle for the same old cupboards and drawers. Regardless of how much space you have—or don’t have—working with a designer to come up with inventive ways to store your items can provide much-needed relief. For instance, custom cabinetry can open up a kitchen or closet, while built-in shelving can maximize bookcase space in any room.

Working with professionals allows more freedom for you to be creative and choose designs that work best for your unique situation; you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the range of options available! Take time to consult a design professional and you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your storage needs.

Chicago condo renovation

Unlock Those Views

Maximize the potential of your high-rise by replacing windows and taking advantage of those breathtaking views and working with a designer to coordinate the color. When you live in a high-rise, there’s an ever-present reminder of the breathtaking views surrounding you. From downtown Chicago’s iconic skyline and its unique architecture to the Great Lakes area’s lush lakeshores and diverse topography, embracing the natural landscape is essential to maximizing your residence’s potential.

By replacing those tired windows with modern energy-efficient ones, not only are you opening yourself up to stunning scenic perspectives, but also creating a wonderful ambiance for your home. To really dress your space up that much more, striking tones and earthen hues can be incorporated into the color scheme to make it all blend together harmoniously. So why work with our experienced in-house design team to transform your space into a work of art?

Ask Smart Questions

If you’re planning to remodel your apartment in a Chicagoland high-rise, it’s critical to hire contractors who understand the local building codes and permitting process. High-rises have additional regulations beyond typical homes, with requirements varying based on the age and size of your building. The wrong contractor could end up costing you time and money if they’re unfamiliar with these unique constraints.

When interviewing contractors, ask about their experience with high-rise projects in your local area. Do they have relationships with your building’s HOA and knowledge of their requirements? Are they well-versed in the permitting process for your city and equipped to handle inspections? Getting the proper permits and approvals is essential for any remodel, so you’ll want a contractor who can effectively navigate the system. Luckily, our team has a wealth of experience working in many high-rise buildings across the city, including those in the Gold Coast and West Loop areas.

Hire our Team of Trusted Professionals

Living in a high-rise condo doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style, energy efficiency, or comfort. By taking the time to maximize your space, you can get the most out of your high-rise condo experience. Whether it’s replacing windows for breathtaking views and using color coordination to make them stand out or investing in smart devices and soundproofing—there is so much potential for creating an incredible atmosphere for your high-rise. And if you’re looking to stay long-term, combining your neighbor’s condo with yours could also give you more breathing room than ever before.

Don’t let yourself feel limited! If you keep these tips in mind while transforming your high-rise condo space, then all that’s left is enjoyment—so turn up your favorite tunes and drink in the scenes from those windows instead! Ready to maximize your lofty abode? To get started, schedule a consultation with our team today. Happy living!