Streeterville Condo Remodel


Investment: $90,000-$100,000
Designer: Ivana Stojanovska of Areté The Art of Design and Amy Courtney of Amy Courtney Design
Photographer: Rayne Troxell
Location: Streeterville, Chicago

When this returning client approached us to renovate an investment property that she’d recently acquired, we were absolutely thrilled! This two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Streeterville already boasted the most stunning panoramic view of the city, but it needed a modern refresh to give it that extra flair.

This amazing condo remodel features everything from new Benjamin Moore paint, to brand new hardwood floors, new shower tile, and most things in between! The kitchen and guest bathroom both received a facelift. In the kitchen, the light blue-gray flat panel cabinets bring a pop of color that meshes perfectly with the white backsplash and countertops. This color also marries very well with the scenic sky blue cascading in through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Gold fixtures and hardware are sprinkled about for the perfect amount of luxury and sparkle. With a new textured vanity and new tiles, the guest bathroom is an absolute dream. Porcelain floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles line this bathroom in a gorgeous monochromatic pattern. A new gray vanity with double under-mount sinks was added to the master bathroom as well. Read below and learn all of the intricate details of this design from the two incredibly talented women that made it possible.

Our in-house designer, Ivana Stojanovska collaborated on this project with Amy Courtney (Amy Courtney Design) to create a dream space for our New York City-based client. It isn’t common that multiple designers collaborate on a residential space, but having two unique visions on a project is always an added bonus! Together, they were able to take this space from drab to fab. Continue reading below for a detailed recounting of their design processes.

Can you describe what the design process was like for this project?

Ivana: This was an easy remodel because we already had a relationship with the client. I had also collaborated with Amy on a previous condo remodel for this client, so we already had a working relationship as well. The client was very receptive and open to suggestions when it came to the design of the space. We decided not to remodel the entire space, primarily focusing on updating the color of the kitchen, hardware, master bathroom, and flooring.

Amy: I previously worked on designing a condo for this client in the same building as the current remodel, so we knew that we wanted to go in a different direction. We chose to go with a lighter floor and darker cabinet color in this apartment. Overall, we just wanted to create the antithesis of the last space that we worked on and use more daring finishes!

You can see examples of these bold finishes in the gold hardware and blue kitchen cabinets. This use of blue incorporates the beautiful scenic view of the skyline into the space so seamlessly. The pops of gold hardware in the space bring a royal feel with a modern twist. The amount of detail that both designers brought into the space is very intricate and pairs beautifully with the overall design of the building.

Tell us a little bit about your work on the bathrooms with this project.

Ivana: For the master bathroom, we chose a modern design with neutral and airy tones. We went with a terrazzo floor and earthy materials as well. The walls are gradient white with light gray detailing, and the base of the tile in the bathroom is multi-gradient white. It has an immaculately feel. We really wanted to highlight the tile that was already there, so we chose colors to bring out the detail in that design.

Amy: We did a full renovation of the guest bathroom. We picked gorgeous mid-century terrazzo floors that work well with the building and also introduce a “tiki-like” vibe into the space. To contrast the bathroom floor, we went with a smaller format tile for the shower flooring. I wanted to give the space a handmade feel with a modern style, so it has a much warmer feel than a typical modern design.

Amy and Ivana worked with the client to create a space that married a very modern design with an invitingly rich color palette. The use of rich browns in the guest bathroom is not extremely common in a modern design aesthetic, and it really sets this space apart from your everyday high-rise remodel. Walking into this space feels like a tropical vacation.

What was the most fun part of working on this project?

Ivana: For me, the most fun part was bringing out the beauty that already existed within the space. I really enjoyed accenting the hardware that already existed, as well as choosing all of the different materials. The kitchen design was the most exciting part for me!

Amy: Working with this client is always awesome! This was my third time working on a project with her, and I have enjoyed it time and time again.

Are there any helpful design tips that you would like to share?

Ivana: Painting is key. Painting the walls can really take any space a long way. Another way to really transform your home is by updating cabinets, backsplash, and hardware! These are east replacements that will make your home feel like new. Personalization lies in the smallest of details.

Amy: Tile backsplash can be a nice place to add personality, but a slab backsplash is the way to go! For a more interesting take, consider adding personality to cabinets and bringing color into your space that way. You can also do this through lighting and hardware.

Areté is committed to helping you make your dream space a reality. If you are thinking of remodeling your Chicago home or condo, call us at Arete’ Renovators at 773-610-4551 and let our interior designers work with you to create a design that reflects your own personal style.