Smart Kitchens: Tailoring the Latest Advancements in Appliances to Fit Your Lifestyle

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Are you ready to elevate your kitchen to the next level? The latest technology incorporated into luxury appliances could be the perfect investment to make your space truly unforgettable and to personalize your kitchen to meet your needs. Our team was recently welcomed to the Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau showroom in Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Their lovely agents took us on a tour of the space and shared some of the latest advancements with us, as well as some product demonstrations. I don’t know about you, but there were lots of appliance improvements that I was unaware of. We all learned something new, and we want to share our findings with you. We’ve grouped our appliances into categories based on what upgrades you may be looking for! Read on to learn about the latest innovations.

Culinary Excellence

If you are someone who takes cooking seriously, you need a kitchen to match! Customizing your kitchen with specific accessories and appliances can elevate the way you engage with your cooking space. For example, do you cook frequently with a wok? Then consider a cooktop with a specific wok ring accessory to make your sauteing even easier. Do you want food cooked in an oven to still be moist? Steam and convection mode ovens help you retain moisture in your delicious meals. You can also cook your food with a steamer to get precise temperature control (to a specific degree) for your dish.

Do you crave professional-grade features in your space? A vacuum seal drawer can ensure the freshness of your ingredients while you store them. Pulling down an oven door and reaching into the oven does not look professional and can be cumbersome depending on your space. Get your oven door out of the way by opting for side hinge options, that way your oven can have a door just like your fridge that swings to the side. These may seem like simple features, but moving around your kitchen with more ease and taking your meals to the next level can make a huge difference in the ways you use your kitchen.


Smart Features

Every day, different aspects of our home become infused with helpful technology. Smart doorbells, custom shower settings, voice-controlled home assistants and entertainment centers, and much much more. The same is true for the latest kitchen appliances. When you hear “high tech”, you probably don’t think of a dishwasher or an oven, but the future is here and it’s ready to be installed into your new kitchen remodel. Imagine asking your Tesla to preheat your oven while you are driving home. Or imagine pulling out your phone and starting the dishwasher you forgot about after you left the house.

Picture yourself at the grocery store. You are walking by the milk aisle and you see the almond milk. You remember finishing a carton of almond milk when you made a smoothie yesterday, but didn’t you buy another one that is already in your fridge door? Before smart appliances, you would have needed to text someone at home, or simply take a gamble because you can’t remember. Now, there are fridges with cameras built in so you can actually check your own fridge inventory from the store and see what you have.

All of this and more is possible with smart appliances. Appliances that connect to your home hub not only become easier to interface with, but it leaves opportunities for updates. Just like how your phone routinely receives software updates, your smart appliances can have more functions added by developers who can upgrade the available features after you purchase them and install them in your home.

Entertainer’s Delight

Even though we are moving towards a future where our lives are completely integrated with technology, we are social creatures at heart. Nothing will ever match the feeling of inviting your friends and family into your home and enjoying each other’s company. If you aren’t much of a cook yourself but love to entertain and throw parties in your home, there are luxe kitchen appliance options that can make your job of hosting even more streamlined and wow your guests.

For amateur sommeliers, a wine cabinet with climate control is not only a stylish feature to add to your kitchen but also can ensure the ideal conditions to keep and serve your finest wines. If you throw big parties, you may find yourself in situations where you need to warm up large amounts of food for dozens of guests. Selecting an oven that is big enough to warm up multiple catering trays can eliminate some of the need for Sternos in your food setup. Instead of halting the party or inconveniencing one of your guests with having to stop for a plastic bag of ice from the gas station on the way over, utilize a Bosch fridge with a quick ice feature. Or if style is more important, check out the diamond-shaped ice from Thermador models.

Brunch is a big deal in Chicago, and executing a perfect brunch at your home is the mark of an exquisite host. Instead of adding “get the coffee maker out and set it up” to your to-do list, why not save yourself the valuable counter space for the mimosas and waffle station by installing a built-in coffee machine? Flex on your guests with 12 different beverage options, even making two drinks at once. Consider investing in a machine that will cater to your guests and make every morning just a little easier.

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Okay so we’ve covered culinary experts, smart techies, and party people, but we haven’t talked about a key feature that makes or breaks the vibe of your home: aesthetics. If you’ve made it this far, perhaps the look of your appliances matters the most to you in your space. Excellent performance and beautiful finishes go hand in hand with high-end appliances.

Let’s talk colors. If you are looking for a change but don’t want to stray too far from the classics, dark stainless steel could be the perfect choice for you. Just like the standard stainless steel you know and love, but with that perfect dark moody touch. If darker colors aren’t your thing, maybe a pop of color could refresh your dream kitchen remodel. Did you know you can get blue knobs on your Thermador cooktop? You can select them as an option if you are looking for refined ways to add color in your space. And if you have some blue Le Creuset cookware, it’s a match made in heaven 🙌 Speaking of cooktops, sleek induction cooktops or star-shaped burners can easily elevate the luxury of your kitchen.

Let’s talk about appearances. You love your appliances, but you just do not want to see them. Maybe a completely sleek handleless fridge still wouldn’t do the trick. The look of clean cabinetry uncluttered by anything is the ultimate goal for your dream kitchen. If that’s the case. you should consider a fridge or dishwasher that is clad in your kitchen cabinet material so it blends in seamlessly with your space. Luxury remodelers and high-end appliances go hand in hand, as we can easily emphasize the features you want to see and conceal the ones you don’t.


Small but Mighty

Okay, you may want to upgrade your kitchen, but the tiny footprint is holding you back. If a home addition with Areté Renovators isn’t possible, then you can bring the luxe features to your little space. You can get a 24-inch Bosch oven with European convection to fit in your compact space and top it with a 24-inch cooktop space.

I know you’ve all seen those appliance garage cabinets in spacious kitchen remodels online, but not all of us have that much square footage to work with. If your tiny kitchen is crowded with countertop appliances, maybe it’s time to consolidate! Bosch offers ovens with an air frying feature integrated right in, so you can have the quickness and ease of air fryer built right into your oven.

Think your home is too small for a dishwasher or in-unit laundry? Think again! Bosch offers 18″ dishwashers and a 24″ wide washing and drying unit. The dryer is ventless and can be used in spaces where venting isn’t normally possible.

So if you’ve been looking at spacious luxury kitchens, but just couldn’t imagine a remodel for your own tiny space, dare to dream with small appliances that don’t compromise on high-end features.

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Home & Faith

And finally, perhaps you haven’t thought about how your appliances can cater to your faith. If you are Jewish, you may have been frustrated in the past by figuring out how to use your appliances to make food on the Sabbath or other religious holidays. Even opening your oven door normally triggers the light inside to turn on. Luckily, Thermador offers K Star-certified ovens with a specific Sabbath Mode. That way, you can use your appliances in accordance with Jewish dietary practices, and still get a great home-cooked meal in the process.

Maybe updating all of your appliances is not something you need in your home or kitchen remodel right now, but consider which benefit would be the best for your lifestyle. Even one update in your home can make your day better and your life a little easier. If you still need any guidance finding the perfect appliance choices for your dream Chicago kitchen remodel, we invite you to visit our showroom and talk to our design team.

Our staff at Areté The Art of Design are eager to help you hone the vision for your beautiful new home. Our designers can offer their insight and experience, and in our showroom, you can look at photos and samples to help you feel good about a glamorous new Chicago kitchen renovation. Areté Renovators can also help you through the build process of your kitchen remodel. We are here for you, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! We believe in building relationships based on trust and transparency, and we’re dedicated to delivering quality workmanship that stands the test of time. Contact the professionals at Areté today at 773.683.3033 and let us help you make the most of your kitchen renovation.