Reasons to Hire a Contractor Instead of Trying to DIY

Hire A Home RemodelerAre you excited about remodeling your home? If you think you can do it yourself without cutting corners, paying penalties, or causing unnecessary delays, think again. Here are a few reasons hiring a contractor is a better idea than taking the DIY route:

  1. You Need Permits

Any substantial changes or additions to a home in Chicago usually requires a permit per the Chicago Building Code.

In some cases, homeowners are unable to apply for a permit on their own – unless you can provide proof that you are working with a licensed contractor. Many contractors have also built a rapport with the city allowing for expedited approval of permits and timely inspections.

  1. Save Time and Money

Contrary to popular belief, DIY projects take more time and can exceed your budget in the long run. By hiring a professional contractor, you are more likely to stay on schedule and budget while ensuring the work is done right the first time.

A lot of time and project management goes into DIY projects, which you may not have. Chances are you will also forget critical details, which can delay the work by weeks or even months. A contractor will draft a detailed plan that covers your requirements and will ensure changes are promptly communicated to you. This includes informing you if the project will take more time or money to complete and minimizing mistakes you would surely make with your DIY efforts.

  1. Avoid Liability

Your homeowner’s insurance does not cover damages incurred to your home during a DIY construction project. If you punch a hole in the wall trying to maneuver a ladder through the narrow corridors, you are paying for it out-of-pocket.

An experienced and licensed contractor will have general liability insurance, which protects their clients from such incidents. This includes workers’ compensation insurance that would protect his/her workers against injuries they may sustain while working. Both will protect you in case an accident occurs on-site or a worker gets injured while working on your renovations.

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