Pristine Park Ridge Palace

Investment: $65,000-$75,000

Designer: Vasilka Todorovska

Photographer: Grace Juracka

Location: Park Ridge, IL

Your primary bathroom is a sanctuary – a place where you can retreat and unwind. The recent renovation of our client’s primary bathroom exemplifies the fusion of timeless elegance and modern convenience. With a wonderous blend of gold fixtures, a focus on functionality, and contemporary design elements, this renovation is nothing short of excellence.

Our designers take time, effort, and client guidance to create a personalized experience in any space they renovate, and this one is no different. The warm and welcoming aesthetic as well as the opulent and functional design tie this space’s elements together. The radiance of the gold and minimalistic yet complex features not only met the needs of the client but is also a design to enjoy as an outsider looking for your own bathroom inspiration.

The stunning gold fixtures in this space are a standout for the entire renovation and effortlessly accompany the beige tile flooring. The fixtures exemplify elegance and class, as well as offering convenience and functionality as hardware. These double as an accessory to the sophisticated aesthetic of the space. Bathrooms can be exceedingly difficult when extensive plumbing and electrical alterations are involved, but our team had no trouble implementing required updates to make this primary bathroom look stylish and cohesive. Gold has long been synonymous with luxury and urbanity, and these qualities are perfectly encapsulated by this design. The neutral color palette in addition to the hardware blend seamlessly into the warm and inviting atmosphere and add a touch of regal splendor to the space.

One of the many stand-out pieces of this design is the large glass shower. A frameless glass shower enclosure not only provides functionality in that it aids in the prevention of water seeping into overall bathroom space, but also helps retain heat and steam for a better shower experience even without an official “steam” shower. Opting for a frameless shower door gives the illusion of greater square footage, makeing the walk in shower feel as part of the overall footprint instead of a separate walled off are of the bathroom.

Being able to incorporate natural architectural elements, such as the skylight, allowed for a flood of natural light into the space. Working the layout around the skylight was an intentional design choice. Imagine soaking in the oversized tub, winding down your day with a beautiful sunset visible above you through the skylight. Oftentimes bathrooms with a window offer some natural light at the sacrifice of privacy. This primary bath has the best of both worlds.

The shower incorporates an in wall niche that blends seamlessly into the wall with the vertically placed tile layout. To add to the linear look of the walk-in shower, we opted to use a linear drain with matching trim to keep with the clean lines and minimal aesthetic. This style of drain visually pulls your eye seamlessly across the terrazzo-esque floor and eliminates the look of your typical metal floor grate drain. It’s a minimal addition that gives a huge impact.

The texture of the wall tile adds an interesting element. The vertically placed brick pattern is a common design layout; however, utilizing a tile that has a 3D fluted look gave an extra bit of zest to an otherwise repetitive pattern. These 3”x12” tiles are contemporary and chic and the patterned tiles on the upper and lower bounds enhance the space with a more interesting design. Rectangular tiles uplift a space with crisp lines and exude a clean and modern look that blissfully complements the style of the space as a whole.

When working with a neutral or monotone color palette, adding in textured pieces can give the illusion of contrast. The double sink vanity features a fluted cabinet face with a notch in place of a drawer pull. This same fluted pattern can be seen on the front of the tub surround. A simple addition to add a bit more luxury to your bathroom space is to finish the tub front so it appears to be more built in. This unique design element takes what would otherwise be a flat vanity and tub front and uplifts it to a new level of modernity and individuality. The addition of texture and character adds a twist of dimension and sophistication without a busy pattern or overly complex design.

Above the vanity are classic antique brass framed mirrors. This welcome contrast against the light toned walls adds drama and refinement to the space. Adding a dark accent to such a light room adds grounding and dimension. Flanking the mirrors are spherical sconces in a brushed brass finish. This elegant and moody addition to the space tones down the light and airiness to make for a lovely contrast and eye-catching fixture. Contemporary light fixtures keep the space well-lit while also keeping the whimsical overall design. The details on the vanity are what tie together the entire space, and the vanity is likely the most used component of a primary bathroom, so the attention to detail was well-placed and executed in a luxurious manner.

This project showcased a harmonious renovation of this primary bath. The modern luxury and timeless elegance of the neutral tones throughout this design created a beautiful sanctuary to perfectly suit the client’s needs. Our team took opulent gold fixtures, contemporary design elements, and functional innovations to transform this Chicago home into a haven of inspirational and inviting aesthetics.

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