Personalized Luxury in Andersonville

Investment: $620,000-$700,000

Designer: Patty Carroll & Vasilka Todorovska

Photographer: Grace Juracka & Michael Lim

Location: Andersonville, Chicago

Your home is your canvas to showcase your unique personality and style. In this comprehensive renovation project, our team transformed a once-ordinary space into a sanctuary that perfectly encapsulates the client’s personal style and reflects luxury and class. From an enchanting half bathroom showcasing Gucci wallpaper to a dining and living room renovation with a touch of opulence, a stairway with an inspirational neon sign, a bedroom that screams luxury, and an oasis of a master bathroom, this full renovation embodies seamless blends of incredible design and personalized flair. Click here to find out more about how the Areté team transformed this one-of-a-kind space!

Our design team came into this project faced with a client that knew exactly what he wanted. Our job was to execute the design to perfection and give the client the luxurious space he desired. According to designer Patty Carroll, the space was “more beautiful in person’ compared to the preliminary photos. Designer Vasilka Todorovska guided the client through selecting the perfect materials and aided in creating the vision for the home that turned into the luxurious space the client will enjoy for years to come.

The incredible half-bathroom renovation is a unique design that blends of moodiness, bold choices, and modernity. This design is one that you would want to see executed again and again due to the sheer elegance encapsulated in this bathroom. Wrapped in sleek Gucci wallpaper, the colors and patterns fuse opulence with brilliant aptitude. The captivating blend of red, blue, orange, and green, complemented by the pattern of tiger heads throughout beautifully captures the eye and makes a once simple space a sanctuary of personal style and vibrancy. The walls are painted in a beautiful black, adding to the drama of the contrasting white marble sink and hardware. This adds lots of dimension while not straying too far from the airiness of the surrounding living spaces.

The dining and living rooms are open and facing one another, exuding opulence and a taste of grandeur while remaining true to the contemporary style of the home. The dining room is adorned with a stunning white marble table surrounded by minimalistic and comfortably stylish gray chairs. This is crowned by a sumptuous gold chandelier illuminating the space with a warm, romantic glow. Connecting the dining and living rooms are beautiful candelabra-inspired lights on the wall, adding to the welcoming warm shine. These eye-catching pieces are a lush addition embraced by the beautiful adjacent seating area. This inviting space faces a deluxe flat-screen TV paired with a tasteful gray couch with navy blue pillows atop and a pair of navy blue sitting chairs to match. The gray and black coffee table complements the sitting area and with various gold neighboring light fixtures with knickknacks and vases consisting of blends of golds, blues, and blacks.

The client had a very focused vision for the entire home, but especially the guest suite. The bathroom is a highlight of this design and is a light and airy addition to the various design choices throughout the client’s home. The bedroom and bathroom are a harmonious blend of contrast and lightness to the home. The bedroom is a beautiful sanctuary of simplicity and artistry with a black-trimmed burlap bedframe accompanied by black cotton sheets and a fluffy white comforter adding more disparity to the space. On the wall next to the alluring bed are two portraits on gray paper to give the room a stylish flair that adheres to the client’s personal taste and interests. A shining chandelier hangs over the bed and provides a warm and soothing light to the room, tying the room together with glamour and comfort combined.

The color palette in the master bathroom exudes serenity with light, cool tones throughout. This space was a priority for the client, as a master bathroom is a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. This oasis is just the place to unwind after a long day with wonderous silver fixtures providing a refined touch, as well as warm wood cabinetry grounds the space, as well as warms it up. Contrastingly, the bath area is a space of cool-toned luxury. The stunning standalone bathtub sits just below the client’s original photo of the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. This personal, tastefully backlit artwork gives the client a feeling of home and comfort, as well as novelty splendor every time they enter the space. The rest of the magnificent bathroom consists of a grand glass shower with beautiful square tile, incredibly designed sinks sitting atop a white marble countertop, and an accent black wall behind the sink mirror to contrast the whites throughout the space. Above the double sinks are two rounded rectangular mirrors with silver trim accentuated by lighting on either side of each mirror. This lighting choice allows the mirrors to pop out from the wall and stand out in a way that exudes opulence. These mirrors match the silver fixtures and complement the white marble, grey walls, and artistic accessories such as the artwork, towels, soap dispensers, and cologne displayed in this space.

The client’s home not only had room redesigns, but the home also had a renovation of the stairwell, accentuating the transition from room to room. The stairwell itself is stunning, swooping down in a minimalistic black material leading down to the renovated living room, but it also has a unique touch of fun and creativity. Above the stairwell is a yellow and white neon sign saying, “With that said, stay wild”. This client never fails to showcase their individuality in such creative and marvelous ways.

Down the stairwell and passing through the living and dining room leads you to the wonderful kitchen and bar area. The kitchen is a stunning area of understated luxury and glamour. The space consists of stunning black cabinets supplemented by white countertops, contrasting one another beautifully. The fixtures in the room are gold and warm up the black and white tones commanding the kitchen. While understated at first glance, this kitchen is flourishing with personality with touches such as knickknacks of gold, black, and white tones, as well as a pop of color on the adjacent wall with dots of every color of the rainbow. To the right of that wall is a textured glass door leading to the bar area. This door is a provider of privacy, uniqueness, and sumptuousness. The bar area is a moody expanse, carrying over the tones from the kitchen of black, white, and gold with similar knickknacks. The lower cabinets are paired with a classy, tinted black minifridge, and above the minifridge is a beautiful crisscross wine holder. Above the wine is a golden, textured cabinet that exemplifies extravagant elegance and ties the room together with its class and grandeur.

Each room in this home has its own unique aesthetic that perfectly adheres to our client’s wishes and exemplifies the flexibility and creativity our team brings to each project. The

satisfactory design encapsulates a home that is luxurious, minimalistic, and modern, without leaving behind senses of personality, imagination, and uniqueness. If you are inspired by our work on this project and are looking to transform your own, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with our team today! Our experienced project coordinators and qualified in-house design team are here to take your Chicago remodeling project to the next level. A free consultation may be all that’s standing between you and realizing the home of your dreams.

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