Keeping it Classy in Lincoln Park

Investment: $105,000-$115,000

Designer: Ivana Stojanovska

Photographer: Grace Juracka

Location: Lincoln Park

Nestled within the charming confines of Lincoln Park, this gated and beautiful single-family home is in a meticulously landscaped community surrounded by a myriad of city favorites such as restaurants, parks, and more. Our designers were ambitiously tasked with a comprehensive kitchen renovation. Townhomes can habitually be one dimensional, and the interior often reflects that. Read on to learn how our team took this Lincoln Park kitchen and turned it into a midcentury masterpiece.

The Areté The Art of Design design team embarked on a journey to redefine this kitchen by taking this typical city townhome kitchen and transforming it into a wonderful and open space. This space encapsulates elegance in the form of aesthetics, functionality, and satisfaction of our client. Our amazing team through our design and build process completed a thorough project screening, conceptualized the design, reviewed labor and material investment, and brainstormed different design avenues and ways to collaborate and make the client’s vision come to life. It is safe to say that the result is above and beyond. From the drywall installation to the plumbing to the semi-gloss paint, our team leaves no stone unturned to ensure serviceability and aesthetically exceptional designs.

The overarching pain point for this client was solving the issue of functional seating between the island and the rest of the room’s space. Townhomes often have a more narrow footprint, making the entire space seem much smaller than it is. Opening up the kitchen was life-changing for the space. Keeping the design minimal with clean lines and accessories was essential to ensure the space remained airy and fluid. The island is a focal point for the overall design; the simplicity and midcentury elegance capture your eye and provide a functional space for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining, as well as a pleasant addition to the warm and welcoming kitchen. The island provides additional workspace and functionality of movement within the kitchen with a seamless transition into the adjacent eating area.

Our design team illuminated the space with state-of-the-art technology. This kitchen renovation showcases state-of-the-art LED lights to brighten up the culinary haven. LED fixtures are now a standard in the industry offering energy-efficient additions that have a low energy cost, long lifetime, and an endless array of options to fit your design vision. This kitchen renovation includes warm and inviting under cabinet lighting to further illuminate the counter workspace without an overwhelming amount of overhead ceilign light. To complement the bright white quartz countertops, the client opted for warm walnut cabinetry. The walnut cabinets are a design focal point, along with the corner floating shelves. The three walnut shelves match the cabinetry and blend seamlessly into the flow of the upper cabinets. What makes this design so distinguished is the contrast between the warm brown of the walnut and the bright white upper cabinetry; this design choice is complemented by LED lights trailing all the way from the end of the white cabinetry and continuing to all three shelves, which adds, again, a beautiful contrast throughout the kitchen.

A unique design element that was flawlessly executed within this space was the client’s appliance selections. Our client opted for matte white Café appliances with gold hardware. This bold choice allows the space to visually move seamlessly. While the appliances are beautiful to look at, they blend into the space without being a visual eyesore.

All elements of this kitchen design tie into each other beautifully. Gold, natural wood, white, and black all go together harmoniously and really give the room a light and airy aesthetic, as per the client’s wishes.

A unique design choice made between the client and the design team is the sliding pantry next to the fridge. As stated before, townhomes often lack space and openness, making it difficult to keep eyesores hidden, such as pantry items. To save space and offer convenience, the sliding pantry was the obvious answer to utilize every inch of dead space. It is a great place to keep baking items, spices, and snacks to avoid those items needing to be left out on the counter or taking up space in other cabinets. The perfect blend between the pantry and cabinets makes for a great hidden pantry within the cabinet layout. A sliding pantry hidden next to the fridge offers convenience and blends in with the adjacent cabinets and fixtures for a sleek and cohesive look.

Our design team impeccably executes the design vision they are given and leaves nothing unfinished. Every detail is specifically chosen to enhance the space and it is evident when looking at the finished spaces. From a new open layout to oven knobs, each detail was cared for and ensured to be a long-lasting aesthetic choice to bring this beautiful kitchen renovation to life. If you are inspired by our work on this project and are looking to transform your own, don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with our team today! A free consultation may be all that’s standing between you and realizing the home of your dreams.

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