Golden Touches Everywhere in Park Ridge

Investment: $120,000-$135,000

Designer: Vasilka Todorovska

Photographer: Grace Juracka

Location: Park Ridge, IL

This stylish bathroom in Park Ridge exemplifies minimalism and class. Blends of gold, beige, and white amplify a warmth to make a cozy master bath experience. The spacious primary bathroom vanity is complimented by the frameless mirror above and gold light fixtures on either side. The vanity also includes modern slope sinks blending seamlessly with the marble countertops. The guest bath turns into a cooler tone to match the bedroom renovation. Hues of blue create a clean and classy look that radiates from bedroom to bathroom. At last, an electric fireplace ties the renovation together with a moody space grey enhanced by contrasting warm wood cabinetry.

You can learn more about the details of this elegant Park Ridge bathroom here.

Designer Vasilka Todorovska came into this project with a client who knew exactly what she wanted. The primary job Areté had taken on was material selection, drawing up the design, and the execution of the design. Vasilka and the design team brought our client to the showroom and guided her through the materials, from tile to stone to wood. The amazing design that came about because of these selections is stunning and made for a cozy and elegant-looking home.

The classy main bathroom is a warm environment showcasing a stunning freestanding tub, brand-new shower and fixtures, and gorgeous slope sinks, to name a few. The freestanding tub is placed directly below a slanted wall, providing more privacy and adding depth and dimension to the space. It is complemented by a bronzy gold candlestand to match the beautiful faucet and fixtures, embodying a sense of warmth and comfort. The tub sits on the gorgeous tile, and next to it is the toilet, paired with two small plants, adding a welcomed splash of contrast to the room. Straight across is the double-sink vanity. This warm oak wood cabinetry continues the trend of warmth throughout the entire bathroom. The vanity truly encapsulates this entire renovation, as it includes stunning handles, fixtures, tiles, and, most of all, the white marble slope sinks. These sinks are always a challenging task, and the execution is spectacular.

The material selection for this bathroom was a meticulous process. The client had a vision and design in mind, so small design and color details were necessary to make this bathroom a sanctuary of warmth and peace, so selecting materials that appease the client and harmonize was a necessity. The materials we proposed included, but were not limited to, the white marble vanity countertops, floor tiles, shower tiles, fixtures throughout the bathroom, and the wall tiles behind the mirror. The frameless mirror, while simple, is a wonderful stylistic choice due to its simplicity making a statement, as well as eliminating the chances of busyness in the design and emphasizing other design choices, such as the wall tiles. The vanity and mirror are very minimalistic, and the picket wall tiles. The wall tiles are patterned with cream and a light beige, matching the white and beige throughout the design. The different colors make for a more dimensional design. These ceramic tiles are beautifully complemented by the light fixtures on either side of the mirror, illuminating the room with bright white lights and bronze gold light holders, again matching the other fixtures throughout the design.

The primary bath design plays a crucial role in accentuating the modern elegance of the space. The sophisticated and pristine design complements the vanity and all its fixtures, as well as the entire bathroom. The gleaming gold showerhead, faucets, jets, and cabinet handles contrast the white hues throughout the design, but they also are a timeless detail that accentuates the debonair design. The attention to detail on the fixtures throughout this renovated bathroom exemplifies how the design team at Areté commits to taking the client’s vision and turning it into excellence from floor to ceiling.

The centerpiece of the renovation indubitably lies in the sophisticated and stylish fireplace within the primary bedroom. The contemporary and sleek design sets it apart and encapsulates a highly efficient and striking design. The beautiful gray tile paired with the warmth of the wood cabinetry perfectly encompasses the clients’ vision. The design team took this vision to a new level by incorporating luxurious materials selections. Electric fireplaces can be more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace, which is what the client had envisioned. Not only does an electric fireplace exemplify modernity, it is also an environmentally conscious choice, which adds to the efficiency of this design. It is a practical heating solution and complements the modern design perfectly. The tile selected by the client and design team was Roca Tile’s Armani Nero Shagreen. The Armani tile emanates a leather texture in a bold deep black tone.

At its core, this harmonious design seamlessly blends luxury, class, and warmth. These guiding principles are a clear underlying inspiration for this design and have been precisely woven into every detail. The understated elegance, coziness, and attention to detail throughout were executed flawlessly by the Areté design team and is evidence of their professionalism and dedication to expanding and executing their client’s vision. While it is often challenging to execute a design meticulously curated by a client, designer Vasilka Todorovska and her team prioritize their clients and tell us that it takes a lot of time and work to make dreams come true.

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