Five Star Treatment in River East

Investment: $265,000-$300,000
Designer: Ivana Stojanovska
Photographer: Rayne Troxell
Location: River East, Chicago

Description: This spacious River East townhome features stunning wood-toned cabinetry contrasted with gorgeous, timeless porcelain surfaces. Every corner of the dining space is lit beautifully, whether it be with overhead recessed lighting, under-cabinet task lighting, or decorative pendant lighting. The master bathroom of this remodel features similar design themes as well. The uses of porcelain and wooden continue in this space, enhanced by elegant brass hardware. The designer’s choice to use natural colors as accents throughout the home give it a comforting feel while remaining luxurious!

Learn more about how our designer, Ivana Stojanovska, transformed this River East Townhome into a modern marvel.

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