Most Common Bathroom and Kitchen Complaints

Kitchen and Bath Remodeler

Home remodeling projects can inject new life into your living space while providing a boost to the property’s value. Homeowners undertake remodeling projects either to solve an existing problem within their kitchens and bathrooms or to change the overall layout, which changes the overall dimensions of the house. In either case, it requires careful planning and the experience of skilled home renovators to make it all look as fresh as new.

Amongst the many reasons to start a remodeling project, there are usually some complaints homeowners wish to fix with their existing bathroom and kitchen layouts. Here are some common ones:

Unplanned Layouts

When a house is built, it is usually made to the first owner’s specifications and their goals and furnishing ideas are more than likely different from the new owners. Therefore, when remodeling occurs, those small decisions made by the original owner might bring big headaches for current owners. For instance, the kitchen might be smaller than expected. There may be little space available to install new appliances or put an island in the kitchen, leading to an increase in costs and labor. In a bathroom, there might be limited space between the sink and shower.

Not Enough Natural Light

Many homeowners increase their privacy by removing windows from their kitchens and bathroom areas. For remodelers and new owners, it may create a problem because it robs your kitchen and bathrooms of natural light and makes it more difficult to install new windows and blinds.

Hiring Incompetent Contractors

In order to reduce costs, homeowners may hire remodelers and contractors who lack experience and are eager to impress with aesthetics and price rather than function. Therefore, it is important to go through your contractor’s portfolio and hire those with good references, reviews, and a proven record of completing the tasks on time and within budget. A skilled remodeler will help overcome current mismatched designs and ensure that only licensed trades are used.

Hygiene and Molds

There is a high chance of mold growing in damp areas – both in the kitchen and bathroom. Due to a lack of awareness of slow hidden leaks or other plumbing issues, homeowners neglect to address mold issues, which may lead to health issues like coughing, asthma, and the occurrence of allergies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly provides guidelines to ensure homeowners remove all traces of mold during a remodeling process and especially before selling their home.

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