Masonry and Tuckpointing

Masonry RepairA gorgeous brick wall can stand the test of time and changing trends. However, the mortar that holds the joints in place can deteriorate with time even if the bricks are as pristine as ever. In order to keep the pristine and timeless look, regular masonry repair, such as tuckpointing, has to come into the picture.

What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a masonry maintenance process that entails the removal and replacement of deteriorating mortar in brickwork. While it may seem like a simple procedure, it is far from a DIY project. That’s because most brick walls are load-bearing structures which means that they transfer and carry the load to the ground safely.

The stability ensures the solidity of the entire structure and adds a complex element that only a professional mason can maintain.

The Process

The first thing he will do is remove all debris and dust using an angle grinder rather than the traditional hammer and chisel. The former provides more accuracy which is important to ensure the bricks don’t chip.

After that, new mortar is mixed to match the exact color of the bricks and is filled into all of the joints. The experienced professional knows exactly how much and where to put the mortar for the best results. The smooth application allows the material to set flush with the bricks or indented as per your needs.

The mortar is then left to harden but the mason doesn’t stop there. He uses a special tuckpointing tool to create straight lines in the filled joints and fills those with a lime putty. The material shields the treated area against moisture and corrosion for longer lasting perfection.

How Often Is Tuckpointing Required?

Masonry maintenance jobs such as tuckpointing should be done as per the weather and the type of exposed structure you have. Some masonry repair work does not require joint repair until the structure is at least 25 years old. It is typically done to protect the bricks from moisture damage and to fix mortar joints that have deteriorated completely. It also helps bring the liveliness and beauty back to the bricks.

If you see some loose bricks in your villa’s facade or even around your fireplace, address it immediately by calling in the professionals. Arete Renovators, for instance, will do more than a simple tuckpoint. If required, they can also create a custom plan for parts of the brickwork that require relaying. Get in touch with us for a consultation by dialing (773) 610-4551 whether you live in Streeterville, West Loop, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, River North, Gold Coast, Old Town, and Roscoe Village.