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We may be renovators by name, but we are architects, builders, and designers by trade. Areté Renovators handles all types of home design, renovation, and construction jobs, both large and small.

We believe that service is essential — we want to work with you and understand your vision. Your design services will all go through your lead designer, but, with Areté, you get much more than just advice and drafting. When you hire us for your home design project, you get the benefit of our whole team’s knowledge and experience.


Bathrooms should feel crispy, airy, bright, and fresh. That feeling all starts with good use of space and a great design. We handle all types of bathroom designs, from condos to single-family homes and commercial spaces. Our specialty is high-end spaces and custom amenities.

Communicating Your Dream

home designers in ChicagoMaybe you have very specific ideas of what you would like your new bathroom to be. While dreaming of your future home, you probably have looked up countless photo references online, drawn up sketches, made lists, and completed other preparatory measures. We’re happy to look through your ideas with you because that gives us a better idea of your goals and aspirations.

On the other hand, some people really do not have a lot of details in mind. If you are more of a big-picture thinker, let us handle the details. We love getting creative and asking questions. Give us a mood, a theme, or a general direction, and we’ll work with you to create a bathroom that exceeds your expectations in every way.

Making the Right Choices for Your Space

The true art of design is in combining two elements: your imagination and the reality of your space. Luckily, we have mastered the art of design at Areté. Once we understand what you have in mind, we can help create a tangible design. We will look at your space, consider your needs and wants, tally up your budget and figure out how to create the perfect bathroom. Here are some tips to start off:

  • Surfaces: How can we balance function with visual appeal and design? Ceramic or stone tile is often necessary but depending on color or pattern can sometimes seem cold. Adding a different finish above the splash zone can add some character and warmth while still remaining practical.
  • Size: Unless you are expanding your space to accommodate a steam shower, separate soaking tub, or wanting to add a linen closet, your bathroom’s footprint will otherwise remain the same. However, you are not out of options to create more space for storage in a small bathroom or tricking the eye into believing the room is larger than it really is.
  • Mood: What kind of experience do you want? Is your bathroom your personal spa oasis? Are you looking for a full retreat or simply just function? Coupled with smart color choices, lighting, heated floors, towel warmer, and smart technology can really elevate the space.


Chicago kitchen designersHere are some of the most frequent kitchen updates we do. They’re perfect if you’re trying to add value to your home or get a new look without a full gut remodel:

  • Adding backsplashes: A backsplash makes more difference than you might expect. It’s the perfect way to coordinate colors, add some flair and texture, and refresh your space. To make the deal even sweeter, tile backsplashes are easier to clean and more durable than plain walls.
  • Replacing cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware: If you like the way your cabinets are arranged and you’re happy with the amount of storage you have, you might not have to do any major renovations. Replacing cabinet and drawer fronts and upgrading the hardware can be an easy upgrade with a huge impact.
  • Painting your walls and ceiling: If your kitchen feels a little drab, a new paint job might be all it needs; however, you might have to get creative with trendy colors, accent walls, wallpaper and special finishes in order to get the full impact your space can deliver.
  • Upgrading your countertops: Countertops are one of the biggest factors in the way your kitchen looks and feels. Quartz remains popular due to its durability, value, and wide array of patterns, but there are plenty of alternatives such as porcelain and natural stone as well.
  • Switching up the flooring: While you don’t necessarily go around your kitchen staring at the floor, flooring choices are one of the most important factors in the flow between your kitchen and your other rooms. Coordinating floor materials into and out of the kitchen can welcome people and choosing different materials can create a totally separate zone.

Kitchen remodeling work is known for being involved, but, with a little creativity and knowledge, you can get a huge return for your time and resources. Let us know what your vision is, and we will work with you to achieve it.


Chicago backyard remodelersThe curb appeal of a home is a potential homebuyer’s first impression. It can make or break if a potential buyer is even interested in stepping foot inside. Curb appeal can affect your home’s value even though it has zero effect on your square footage. We recognize this importance and do our best to capture the exterior look you are going for, whether you plan to sell or not.

Are you planning a home addition and need the new structure to mesh with the existing one? Are you looking to do just enough to up the curb appeal to potential buyers? Do you own a landmark home and are locked into local regulations on what you can and cannot update? How will my exterior upgrades affect neighboring property values? How does it all come together? These are big questions, and we believe that the best way to answer them is with detailed, practical planning.

We have experience with all types of exterior projects. We can get you the curb appeal you need to sell your home. We can design the deck of your dreams. If you can dream it, we can do it.

We also know how to work within the various Chicagoland building and zoning codes to design additions and enclosures. We can make sure your project exceeds your expectations while remaining squarely within all of the rules and regulations.

Decks and Outdoor Patios

For large city or suburban lots, the right deck design works with the footprint, sightlines, and profile of a home. The same goes for condo buildings or townhouses, even if the spaces tend to be smaller. It takes a lot of design and architectural knowledge to build a good deck.

Fun (and Durability) in the Sun

Deck remodelers in ChicagoDecks are places to gather. They get a lot of use, so they have to be sturdy, safe, and fun.

Decks also get a lot of abuse, especially in this wild Chicago weather. We can help you choose materials and designs that work specifically here in the storms, sun, and snow of the Midwest. We can tell you exactly what to expect over the lifespan of your deck, as well as how to maintain whichever materials you choose to use.

Any Scale, Any Type of Project

We have worked on all kinds of outdoor projects, from multi-level walk-out decks for suburban homes to specialized, paver patios, and rooftop decks.


garage remodelers in ChicagoContemporary garages are becoming more than just a place to store vehicles and equipment. They are more a part of the home than ever. We develop designs for new and existing garages, maximizing usable space and blending exteriors seamlessly with the rest of the structure.

We are familiar with the latest design ideas. In fact, keeping up with trends is more than just a professional interest, it’s our passion. Here are some of the things we’re most excited about when it comes to garages:

  • Door styles: There are some exciting new garage door materials and styles that have been becoming popular recently. You can get translucent materials that are still secure, doors that blend into your home’s look, and much more.
  • Easy-to-clean interior finishes: Garage floors might not sound like an exciting topic at first, but these new materials make a big difference. They resist chemicals, clean easily, and provide the perfect surface for your at-home gym or car collection.
  • Built-in storage: What do you like best about walk-in closets? Try translating all those great things into a garage, scaling it all up to hold tools, sports equipment, holiday decorations, and anything else you can imagine. With this type of garage storage solution, you’ll always have space for what matters.
  • Electric car charging terminals: Times are changing, and we’re starting to see more people who want electric car terminals in their own garages.

Complete Home Design

Chicago deck remodelerWith close to two decades in business, we’ve worked in all of the city’s prominent neighborhoods, including Lincoln Park, West Loop, Lakeview, Edgewater, Old Town, Roscoe Village, River North, and West Loop. We also have experience in the North Shore and beyond. Areté Renovators is a trusted local resource for home design in Chicago. Please feel free to contact us at 773.683.3033. We’re looking forward to discussing your vision and putting a plan into action.


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