High-Quality Kitchen Remodeling in Chicago


Dive deep into the world of high-quality kitchen remodeling in Chicago with Areté Renovators’ very own Quality Control Specialist, Patty Carroll. Patty brings a wealth of expertise and a keen eye for detail to every project, ensuring that each kitchen remodel meets the highest standards of excellence. In this exclusive Q&A session, she’ll offer valuable insights on how Areté approaches kitchen remodeling, design optimization, and maximizing functionality in each space. Whether you’re planning a kitchen makeover or just curious about the renovation process, Patty’s expert advice is sure to inspire and guide you toward achieving your dream kitchen.

What sets your company apart from other Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in terms of quality and service?

I would say what sets Areté apart from other contractors is our expertise in all of the areas of kitchen remodeling, from the inside out, from inside the walls, and plumbing, to our custom cabinetry, and so on. Our access to materials and ability to create the most aesthetically pleasing space is what sets us apart from other contractors in this particular field.

What is your process for working with clients to create a customized high-quality kitchen remodeling plan?

First, we sit down and discuss how the clients currently use their kitchen and what their vision for it is. We go over color schemes, identify what’s important to them, and determine their focal point, whether it’s the countertop or another feature. We also discuss the appliances they want and how they use the kitchen daily. 

Next, we talk about cabinetry, and whether they’d prefer very custom or semi-custom options. Then, we consider the plumbing and what changes we can make within the existing limitations. Once we’ve covered all these details, we create a budget, help them choose appliances, finalize the layout, and then the remodeling phase begins.

What are some different options for kitchen layout and design?

There are numerous ways to customize your kitchen layout to suit your needs. You can switch to an electric stovetop and place it on the kitchen island, rearrange elements, and optimize the space to work better for you and your family. There are countless durable materials for countertops that resist staining and burning, and a wide variety of beautiful appliances to choose from, each offering different functionalities. Essentially, you can create any layout you desire, within reasonable constraints. If you live in a high-rise building, significant changes might be costly, but there are still many options to tailor the layout to your needs.

What materials are best for a high-quality kitchen?

I would start with appliances, countertops, and cabinets. For countertops, you could opt for natural stone. When it comes to appliances, there are numerous beautiful options available, each offering different functions that can make life much easier. As for cabinets, the possibilities are endless; they play a crucial role in your kitchen’s overall look and functionality.

How can I maximize storage and functionality in my kitchen?

There are various options for cabinet inserts and mechanisms to enhance your kitchen’s functionality. For instance, you can install a pop-up KitchenAid that emerges from your cabinets, or incorporate ladder storage. Numerous solutions exist to utilize every inch of your cabinet space efficiently, such as rollouts, towers, and specialized countertops. Essentially, any feature you can imagine can now be integrated into a kitchen design to maximize space and functionality. The possibilities are virtually endless!

What are the latest trends in kitchen appliances and fixtures?

The latest kitchen trends include installing electric or induction cooktops and in-wall ovens. Built-in cappuccino machines are also popular. Modern kitchens now offer numerous advanced features, such as microwaves integrated into cabinets instead of drawers or over-the-range setups. 

These microwaves often come with convection, steam, and air fry functions, making them versatile all-in-one appliances. Additionally, there are ovens equipped with technology to monitor food temperatures, automatically opening the door if the food gets too hot or too cold. The advancements in kitchen appliance technology are truly remarkable. 

How do you ensure that the remodeling project stays within budget?

Being well-prepared is crucial. During the design process, we make sure to address every detail the client wants or doesn’t want, ensuring that all measurements are as accurate as possible. Once remodeling and demolition begin, we may need to make adjustments. However, we already have the costs of the stone, cabinets, finishing fixtures, and appliances accounted for, so the project should stay relatively on budget. 

Keeping the budget in mind is essential. If unexpected expenses arise, we’re able to make necessary adjustments by cutting costs elsewhere or making alternative changes, while still providing the desired level of customization. This approach helps us stay prepared and meet the client’s needs effectively.

How long does a high-quality kitchen remodel usually take?

Depending on what type of cabinetry you’re using, I would say from demo to finish, about four to six months, and could take up to eight. This timeline is mostly contingent on the lead time for the cabinetry.

What is the process for obtaining permits and approvals for the work?

The requirements for kitchen remodel permits in the Chicagoland area can vary between high-rises and homes. Typically, you don’t need a permit for a standard kitchen remodel unless you’re making significant changes to plumbing, electrical, or structural systems. The necessity for permits depends on the extent of the work and the specific regulations of the area you’re in. 

Each suburb and city can have different rules and processes for obtaining permits. Generally, though, obtaining a permit or building approval for a kitchen remodel is not very difficult, unless major work is involved. This is all handled by us, and the client won’t ever have to worry about going out and obtaining the permits. 

What design elements contribute to a high-quality kitchen?

The design elements that contribute to a high-quality kitchen include lighting placement, cabinet arrangement, and appliances. Lighting is crucial, just as important as the cabinets and countertop materials. There are countless options to create a high-quality kitchen. For example, some stone materials used for countertops can be absolutely stunning. In one of our projects, we installed a countertop that was truly breathtaking.

Additionally, the type of wood, the stain, and the door style all offer a wide range of customization options. With so many choices available, you can create a beautiful, custom kitchen tailored to your preferences.

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