Four Awesome Home Chicago Design Ideas to Implement Today

Chicago bathroom

Chicago is home to some of the most beautiful architecture and a booming remodeling industry. Our Chicago home designers and contractors are leading these remodeling projects, boasting innovative designs and new ideas for commercial, residential, high-rises, and home additions. By seamlessly blending the design of the older home into the new, our clients’ homes are truly transformed into one of old memories with new, modern renovations.

Windows Galore

A design our contractors have come to love is the inclusion of floor-to-ceiling windows, giving any room a spacious, and modern feel. Living in or around an urban hub like Chicago, it can be difficult to connect with nature and reach vitamin D goals in such dense areas. That is why your home must abide by your needs, and natural lighting is the way to go. This addition is a regal choice, adding curb appeal and attractiveness to the home.

This minimalistic addition can make an ordinary home look elegant and modern. Depending on where one may live, the options for views are endless. From city skylines to the lakefront beauty that Lake Michigan provides, these windows are an astonishingly stunning advancement to any home.

The benefits of this luxury expand far from aesthetic appeal. With ever-changing weather and outdoor conditions, Chicago is home to some of the most scenic summers and icy winters. The appeal of floor-to-ceiling windows is fit for any weather and has benefits beyond how beautiful they are. The price of utilities can decrease immensely with these window installments, allowing natural light in rather than lamps or overhead lighting, which will allow for an aesthetic improvement to any home and lower electricity usage from lightbulbs.

The environment is fragile, so working with the environment by utilizing the immense amount of natural light from these large windows rather than against it is beneficial to both parties and makes life feel more beautiful. In addition, the natural vitamin D improves mental focus and well-being, especially in the early hours of the morning. Implementing a routine of opening one’s blinds to allow natural light in will improve your well-being and aid in positive environmental impacts at no expense. These windows also aid in making small rooms look larger, with the vibrancy of the outdoors expanding the view of the room. This is a great addition for anyone in a smaller home, or just looking for a vast, beautiful room.

Technological Additions

With the expansion of technology via the increasing use of smartphones and computers, many rely on the convenience of smart devices to make their lives simple and easier to control. That is why our designers have loved the idea of implementing various smart devices throughout their designs, such as automated lighting, temperature control, and other smart devices. These effective tools are easy to install and are an investment into one’s life by allowing more time for the things we enjoy. Adding one, some, or all of these appliances is a guarantee to a more convenient lifestyle, without sacrificing the modernity of beautiful appliances throughout the home.

The first technological implementation our contractors have been loving is smart thermostats and energy-efficient temperature control. Many modernized thermostats have been influenced by the need to protect the environment. Heating and cooling systems alike can negatively impact the environment as well as someone’s home if left on too long or when it is not necessary. That is why companies such as Google and Amazon have incorporated smart thermostats into their Google Home or Alexa systems to keep energy-efficient temperature control convenient. The way these thermostats work is they have specific settings that allow for automated temperature control based on the weather outside, time of day, and what is the most efficient.

Our designers have also enjoyed employing smart appliances throughout clients’ homes. Appliances such as smart refrigerators have been a welcome addition to tech-savvy clients, especially those who value the convenience of being able to see what is in your fridge from your smartphone! Pairing a smart fridge with a voice-controlled microwave or smart oven will surely create a convenient lifestyle of higher quality, with far less work. Smart ovens are adjustable to humidity levels needed for breads, cakes, meats, or any dish; this eliminates the need for constant internet searching and hoping for your oven-baked good to be cooked correctly.

Lastly, the most important part about having a beautiful, convenient home is keeping it safe. That is why implementing smart doorbells, security cameras, and remote security access is a necessity to keep your home secure. While rare, it is still a concern that homes will be broken into, vandalized, or further criminalized, so take extra steps to ensure a safe home for yourself and those around you. Smart doorbells are activated when there is motion or when the doorbell is rung.

That way, even when not at home, there are ways to see who is attempting to contact you or enter your home. Remote security access allows a homeowner to check what doors and windows are locked from anywhere in the world, as well as giving them the power to lock and unlock them from any location. These are great for vacations, when at work, or when worried about whether the front door is locked after stepping out for the day. Overall, smart home devices are an incredible asset to any home, and are designed to not be an eyesore, but almost blend into the aesthetic of a home seamlessly.


Lighting, Lighting, & More Lighting!

Another stunning design to incorporate into your home design is statement lighting. Oftentimes, when lighting is not personalized and the harsh, overhead lighting can make a room feel unwelcoming and sometimes uncomfortable. A home needs to adhere to the homeowner’s needs and the lighting needs to change with the homeowner throughout the day. Statement lighting is not just about illuminating a space; it’s about setting the mood, creating ambiance, and adding a touch of elegance to your home. With the right choice of fixtures, any room can be transformed into a personalized sanctuary that reflects personal style and enhances overall living experiences.

One aspect to take into account when choosing to light is color temperature. Warm or cool lighting can be great for different tasks and aesthetics and are totally personalized. Cool lighting may be better for mornings if natural light is not possible as it can aid in waking up and adjusting your eyes to the brightness of the daytime, as well as promoting wakefulness to complete various tasks. In contrast, warm lighting may allow for better sleep as it adjusts eyes to darkness and is not too harsh too close to bedtime. Some even take it a step further and get lighting that turns a hue of red due to red lighting aiding in melatonin production and leading to better sleep.

While these have been popular for as long as they have been in production, LED lights had a surge in popularity around 2019 and 2020. They are common among the younger generations with the use of strip lights, but as stated above, adults can use them for other purposes. LED light bulbs, floor sticks, or classy uses of strip lights can make a home more interesting and personalized. Some choose to surround televisions, bed frames or couches with strip lights to emphasize parts of the room and add a touch of decor without busying the room too much.

Lamps and chandeliers are classics for lighting and design alike and can add a touch of sophistication and luxury to a room. The grandeur of a shiny or extravagant chandelier can make the room have a striking focal point and draw the eyes immediately. Lamps can be implemented simplistically or can be a focal point as well in the home. The options for lamps are endless and can vary based on the space and goal of the lamp. Lampshades are completely customizable and can range from plain and modern or loud and flamboyant.

Pendant lights are another great choice for a stylish light fixture. Pendants can range in size and shape, and the hue of the lightbulb can range from cool to warm to pigmented. The wide variety allows homeowners to make their lights suitable to their space. Whether you opt for a cluster of small pendant lights or a few large ones, pendant lights add modern sophistication to a home and are a beautiful addition to any space. Lighting can be an afterthought, or it can be a forethought and draw in the eyes of guests while serving as a bridge between personal comfort and your home.

Learn more about ambient vs task lighting, as well as general lighting design, here.

Vintage (and Custom) = Best

In the ever-changing landscape of design, there is a timeless nature to incorporating vintage pieces into your home. Not only do the additions add character, charm, and comfort to a home, but they can also create talking points associated with nostalgia and historical events. Embracing vintage pieces is more than just a trend; it intertwines the present and the past in unimaginable ways. Whether the pieces are a family heirloom or something you find beautiful at a vintage store, these pieces add unbeatable uniqueness to your space.

Whether you are drawn to the rustic charm of farmhouse chic, the eclectic aesthetic of bohemian décor, or the simplicity and timelessness of mid-century modern, vintage shops have pieces that come in a variety of design malleability and can be a functional and stylish addition to any space. Not only can vintage shops add a touch of history to a home, but the process of picking through vintage pieces can be a rewarding and entertaining activity to do with friends or family. Knowing that a piece was picked out from a fun day with those you love makes the piece that much homier.

Vintage shops throughout the Chicagoland area are always getting pieces in, ranging from retro furniture pieces to funky decor items such as wall art or lighting fixtures. In Logan Square, Three Stars Resale is home to countless vintage furniture pieces ranging in color, texture, and style, but never fails to have high-quality, beautiful pieces of furniture.

Located in Roscoe Village, Lazy Dog Antiques is home to countless art deco, midcentury, fine art, etc. styles of decor and prides itself for its pieces being inspired by historical beauty. Vintage Grind House is a favorite among Chicagoans, describing itself as eclectic and full of timeless treasures. Residing in Irving Park, this shop is known for its eclectic furniture and home decor pieces, always carrying something for everyone!

Shopping vintage can also equate to shopping small. Small businesses throughout Chicago are thrilled to show their hard work, beautiful decor, and custom goodies. Alicia Mohr is a women-owned small business located in Skokie, Illinois that expanded from an accessory boutique to producing home décor. They pride themselves in their uniqueness and colorful works of art, great for gift-giving or housewarming. Another shop to highlight is Andy’s Art Antiques & Oddities. This is a queer-owned art shop located near the Loop that creates and sells pieces with the goal of starting conversations and exuding personal uniqueness. Both of these shops are smaller businesses, and shopping with them would help these business owners, as well as finding unique pieces to make your home more stylish and personalized.