Fit For a King at Kingsbury

Commercial Lobby Remodel

This high-rise condominium building in downtown Chicago underwent an incredible transformation when we completed this commercial lobby remodel. This luxurious space is located at 653 N Kingsbury in the River North area, which boasts some of the most impressive architecture that the city has to offer. This project was a large-scale collaboration between Areté Renovators and Dirk Denison Architects to provide the client with the sleekest, structurally sound space possible. 

This project was unique because the building consists of 160 condos, which presented a few challenges for our team to work around. Our Senior Project Manager, Ivan Koconda, worked closely with the building managers to create temporary entrances and exits for the residents so that they could be accommodated during the two phases of construction. When our Areté coordinators take on a commercial remodeling project of any magnitude, they remain cognisant of the effect that this will have on the business, and do their best to keep the space as functional as possible during this time. 

We also removed the old foundation from the exterior patio area and replaced it with gorgeous black slate – custom ordered for this commercial remodel project. Unfortunately, unforeseen components such as Covid delays, as well as having to replace the HVAC covers throughout the space prolonged the completion of the project slightly. Our project management team does its best to be as supportive, communicative, and transparent as possible whenever any unexpected issues may arise. We understand the level of stress that can come along with having a space undergoing any phase of construction, and we empathize with our clients while simultaneously working towards a solution to relieve the pain points.  

The end result was more than worth it! The fantastic industrial, minimalist condo lobby and highly functional office space now have a modernized look that fits perfectly into the downtown Chicago landscape. The addition of quality furniture pieces and sleek lighting fixtures creates an inviting atmosphere for the residents and guests of this high-rise condo building. Sleek, subtle art was chosen to complement the architecture of the space. 

All the materials used in the renovation were specially selected to ensure durability and longevity; these materials are designed to withstand high-traffic areas and consistent use over time. When approaching a commercial project, this is an important detail that we are sure to bring to the client’s attention when selecting materials for the space. When investing in a commercial space of this magnitude, it is important to the client to have the assurance that the materials that you are selecting will not only last, but maintain their original quality as well. 

We couldn’t be more proud of how this commercial remodel project turned out, as it exemplifies our team’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of design and customer service. This project was made possible by a partnership with Dirk Dennison Architects, who provided invaluable input to help ensure the finished product met both our, as well as the client’s, high standards. 

Our team is committed to bringing your dream space to life! If you are thinking of building, renovating, or designing your Chicago commercial space, call Areté Renovators at 773-610-4551 and let our designers work with you to create a design that your clientele will absolutely adore!