Feast Your Eyes on Butterfield

When Dr. Patel approached our team, she had already worked with an interior designer on her office space to develop a core design plan; however, when she began to collaborate with our in-house designer, Vasilka, fresh ideas began to take form. The two bounced their creative visions off one another to create this unique space. 

With large windows and parallel track lighting illuminating the space, this office boasts a very refreshing and airy feel. This is contrasted by the warmth of the light wood floors, as well as the dramatic black accents throughout. One of the key design elements that set the space apart from the rest is the elegant quartz countertop that serves as a focal point. The choice to go with an asymmetrical design creates visual interest in the space without being too distracting. This, paired with the dark-weathered wood base adds lots of depth and dimension. This design choice was no incident. Using such a stark contrast of materials here creates a beautiful work of art out of a piece that is also extremely functional. Using “art” functionally is a design tip used by industry professionals that could help you get the most out of your commercial space. 

Other beautiful artistic touches continue throughout the office with the use of black hardware, accent lighting, and faucets. “Eyes on Butterfield” is spelled with black, raised wooden letters against the white wall behind the reception desk. Five geometric pendant lights hang above the reception desk, making for more-than-adequate workspace lighting. It is a top priority for our team to evaluate and consider all of the implications of how any design choice could affect the clientele of a commercial facility. Our design team works closely with our client to ensure that the space is safe, functional, and practical. Our skilled design team then integrates pleasing aesthetics into the space so it never feels like an afterthought. It’s the ability to balance these things that make Areté one of the top design-build firms in the Chicagoland area. 

If we were asked to describe this space in three words, we would use “modern bohemian chic.” Rustic touches such as the two-toned fringe area rug, along with the high-back, plush, wicker chairs, make the space feel very warm and luxurious. This comfort is dramatically balanced with a black, hand-beaded chandelier that delicately dances above the sitting area, strategically placed in the center of the room. This sophisticated piece is framed by rows of light-wooden floating shelves lining the walls in a parallel fashion. These shelves are adorned with colorful designer frames, as well as wall frames containing graphic art. This is just one example of how simple pops of color can be used to add detailed visual appeal to any space. The decision to place a pink neon sign adjacent to the entryway also invites a fun, fresh vibe to this cozy interior. 

Down the hallway, a washroom with a gorgeous dark-wood-colored vanity is ornamented by a wooden chair and raised sink with two wall-mounted black mirrors. The design motif of parallel black pendant lights continues in this room, with intricately detailed domed-shaped lights hanging above the mirrors. A slate-gray accent wall was placed to complement the white walls, sink, and countertop in this room as well. 

A little further down the hall, the restroom boasts a stunning mosaic design. This design continues the simple, yet classic black-and-white pairing seen throughout the space. Additional visual interest is added to the bathroom with the choice to use a gold mirror and sconce in this room instead of black. 

Our team is committed to bringing your dream space to life! If you are thinking of building, renovating, or designing your Chicago commercial space, call Areté Renovators at 773-610-4551 and let our designers work with you to create a design that your clientele will absolutely adore!