Exciting Deck Remodeling Ideas To Set Your Chicago Home Up For Entertaining

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Get inspired! Spring is just around the corner and Chicago is getting ready to spend the next few months outdoors enjoying the sunshine and all that the city has to offer. Turning your outdoor space into a flexible living space for entertaining and relaxing is the ultimate springtime necessity to enjoy the fleeting warm weather we have in Chicago.

Chicago Deck Remodeling

A deck adds a lot of extra real estate to your home and should not be overlooked! With a little planning and a great design, your deck can become a fabulous outdoor family room that expresses your design style outdoors. Read on for our top ideas on turning your underutilized deck into a full outdoor oasis that is an extension of your indoor living space. Whether you are looking to do an entire deck renovation or looking for simple deck design ideas, keep reading for inspiration to start your springtime renovation projects.

Add a Fire Pit Area

A fire table, fire pit, or fire feature is a great addition to any outdoor deck design. It allows homeowners to take advantage of cooler nights outdoors and not be limited to warm summer days. People love to gather around a fire. There is something innately homey and relaxing about sitting around a fire and having great conversations with loved ones.

Make Sure the Deck is Suitable for the Climate

Decking material is available in several options. We are no longer just limited to plain generic 2x4s. Mixing materials adds more depth and dimension to your space. Consider composite decking, wood, textured pavers, or even metal to create more visual interest. These materials are available in a variety of color choices that add vibrancy to your outdoor space. It is also important to consider your material selections’ durability and lifetime in the climate in which you live.

Chicago experiences frigid freezing temperatures, periods of heavy rain, and hot summers. You will want to work with an exterior contractor who can review the pros and cons of different material options and how that will affect the cost and overall visual design.

Continue Your Indoor Style Outdoors

It can be visually jarring to walk through a home that is aesthetically minimal and neutral, to then go to the rear deck and outdoor space that is decorated in a colorful maximalist style. Your interior style should not stop once you step outdoors. Keep it flowing! There is such a wide variety of building materials and furniture available in every design aesthetic so you should not feel limited in your design choices. Work with a designer who can help you establish your vision and create mood boards and renderings to help you see the opportunity in your outdoor space.

Create Multiple Conversation and Seating Areas

If your space allows, consider incorporating two or three anchor seating areas. This will help with flow and allow people to gather in different spaces, especially if you are big on hosting events and family gatherings. Think of all the unique ways that your family likes to entertain and gather and build your space around that – a dining table for outdoor meals, a fire pit for late-night cocktails and conversations, or a game area to entertain the kids.

Add Walls or Dividers For Privacy

If you have an expansive outdoor area with no true definition or division of space, consider adding a wall to one side to create a designated seating area or “room.” A cabana with slat walls allows for privacy and some protection from the hottest days of summer while still allowing you to relax in your personal outdoor retreat. If you are looking for a mix of privacy but less permanence, consider installing curtains that can be closed to shade from the sun or neighboring views and opened to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Chicago city living is often confined within a fenced area or walls. Get creative and think about vertical décor that can help elevate your space and create the ambiance you are going for. Astroturf walls, bamboo fences, slat walls that accommodate a vertical herb garden, or other similar options are great design elements you can implement during your deck remodeling project.

decorative lighting

Add Decorative Lighting

Wall sconces, lanterns, chandeliers, and Edison bulb string lights can help extend your late-night gatherings by bringing light into your outdoor space. If you are working with an overhead space such as a cabana, slat roof, or the underneath of an upper deck, add some standout lighting to illuminate your space. Added decorative lighting gives a more enjoyable glow than harsh patio lighting.

When looking at deck design layouts and material, an exterior contractor and designer can help guide you on integrated lighting solutions that will work well in your space. Underrailing lighting or vertical lighting are both great options that don’t take up ground space if you are working within a smaller footprint. You can even play around with bulb colors and LED strips if you are feeling extra creative.

Don’t Overlook Furniture Selections

It is important to view your outdoor deck and space as an extension of your indoor living area. Keeping this mindset will help you in selecting furniture that creates a flow and continuity of design. If you love to entertain, consider different furniture and seating arrangements that allow for a lounge conversational space, an outdoor dining area, and even an outdoor kitchen with a bar area. Select furniture and textiles that don’t make your outdoor area feel disjointed from the inside of your home. It should feel as comfortable and welcoming as your home’s interior. Choose quality cushions, waterproof textiles, and rugs. Be sure to include a rug pad which will help with water absorption and allow your rug to dry quickly.

Contact Our Chicago Deck Remodelers

We spend a lot of time indoors throughout the frigid months in Chicago. Having an indoor-outdoor living space in the warmer months is a luxury we don’t overlook or take for granted. At Areté Renovators, our experienced design team can help build a design based on how you plan to use your outdoor space. Do you enjoy working outdoors in the warmer months? Do you use your deck to entertain family and friends, play games, and dine? Or do you enjoy spending time outside with family around a fire pit with great conversation and music? These are all questions to consider when partnering with an exterior contractor to develop a design and plan to bring your outdoor oasis to life. Contact Areté Renovators today to kickstart your Chicago deck remodeling project!