Evanston Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Between the limestone and brick multi-unit homes near Northwestern, the Victorian small-town charm of the Main-Dempster mile, the high-rises and new construction around Davis and Howard, to the mansions that line the lake: Evanston has some of the best architectural and cultural diversity of any Chicago suburb.

Evanston is steeped in history and tradition, and always progressing towards a better future. There’s always something happening in arts, culture, or education, and Chicago is just an L ride away.

At Areté Renovators, we’re proud to be the first choice of many Evanston residents for home design, renovation, and restoration projects.

We understand the local requirements and building restrictions. We strive to be flexible and collaborative in our design and remodeling processes, while keeping lines of communication open and educating clients on what can and cannot be done and why. Building a foundation on education and trust allows us to deliver on the client’s expectations.

Evanston Home Additions and Expansions

When you love where you live, building an addition to a home is a major decision. You need more space, but you also want to preserve the character of your home and your neighborhood.

We have extensive experience with home additions in Evanston. Whether you have a historic property or a newer home, we can help plan and execute the perfect home addition.

There are many different kinds of home addition projects. We can help determine which option fits best with your lifestyle and use of space:

  • Room extensions
  • Outdoor space conversions
  • New porches or covered decks
  • Additional levels
  • Additional rooms or expansions into your backyard
  • New garages or carports
  • Conversion of single-level garages into multi-level townhomes
  • Home addition with reconfiguring the layout on the existing structure

Contact us, and we can review your goals and expectations and how to best achieve them.

Evanston Bathroom Remodel Projects

Whether your home dates to the 1800s or 1990s, we have the skill, attention to detail, and knowledge necessary to renovate and remodel your bathroom space.

We will take the time to learn your likes, dislikes, how you live and move in the space to determine what the renovation process will look like for you:

  • Updating the look with fresh colors and paint
  • Adding windows to bring in more natural light
  • Replacing fixtures with high-efficiency or advanced technology options
  • Incorporating green technology, such as greywater reclamation
  • Refinishing or painting cabinetry
  • Custom carpentry and millwork to restore the original charm
  • Rearranging or dividing spaces for privacy, storage, or utility
  • Installing special mobility or accessibility fixtures to age in place

We also offer complete bathroom design services. Even if you’re starting from a blank slate, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Evanston Kitchen Remodel and Design

Evanston is a town that was built around food, as is seen from all the restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and boutique grocery stores that line the streets.

If your kitchen is no longer functional or outdated, we can help determine the best remodeling plan for:

  • Complete gut rehab and redesigns
  • Light remodels (replacing appliances, countertops, and fixtures)
  • Addition of a pantry space
  • Advanced storage, such as wine fridge, wet and dry bar

We can do anything from in-counter stovetops to butler’s pantries to walk-in coolers. We can handle anything you can dream up.

The kitchen is the heart of any house. Your space should suit your needs and lifestyle. Call us, and we can get started on delivering your vision.

Evanston Deck Restoration and Design

We also work outside the home on deck and porch rebuilds, installations, and remodels. We work with a variety of materials, restoring, designing, or expanding your deck space to be an extension of your home.

We take a team approach to all our projects. That means that your designated Project Coordinator with the help of our design team would manage permitting, approvals, architectural drawings, installation, and final completion to ensure that you have a beautiful, useful outdoor space for years to come.

Complete Home and Condo Remodeling Services In Evanston

Despite our combined decades of experience, there is always an interesting new project around the corner. Either a new client has an interesting request, or we get to work on a distinguished property.

We are a full-service renovation, design, and construction company. Through our vast network of suppliers and trades, we are prepared to guide any home-building project. Beyond what is listed above, here are more examples of what we do:

  • Exterior Remodeling: roofs, siding, windows, doors, fencing
  • Dedicated Storage: libraries, collector’s garages, walk-in closets, laundry, attic conversions, basements, in-home movie theater, and gym
  • Advanced Or Specialized Bath And Plumbing: Saunas, pet washing areas, steam showers
  • Outbuildings And Outdoor Entertaining: Decks, outdoor storage, pergolas, detached garages

If you have a unique idea, please feel free to reach out. We can schedule a time to discuss your vision, look over your property and get a more concrete idea of the scope of your project. Contact us today at 773.683.3033 to discuss your ideas and to schedule an estimate.


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