The Areté Art of Design Approach

The core element of our success is our commitment to understanding design and communicating with our clients. We work hard to make sure the project works for the space, for the client, and for the way you move and live in the space. Here’s an overview of our process.

Complimentary Design Consultation In Chicago

Arete-Renovators-of-ChicagoThe first step in any home design project is to schedule a complimentary consultation. The objective of our one-hour complimentary design consultation is to introduce the client to our design team and get a better understanding of your design concept and goals so that we may prepare a customized and accurate cost estimate to cover applicable design fees and finish materials. You can expect the following during this meeting:

  • Ask the client to share their vision, goals, main points, and budget
  • Educate clients on the products and finish materials available through our showroom and supplier partnerships
  • Explain to the client how our showroom functions, provides full-service design and material management and what to expect for the next steps
  • Review different design packages and estimated budgets that best fit their project needs and goals
  • Provide client with presentation package and all required information to start their project

Design Process

condo-designers-in-ChicagoOur design services are unique and customizable to match the client’s needs and remodeling goals. Based on the approved design proposal and scope of work, our design services typically consist of two parts: 1) drawings and 2) design and material selection.

Drawings can range from basic CAD to 3D renderings dependent on the client’s needs. The process to create the drawings includes onsite measurements, creation of existing layout, creation of new layout, and any required revisions. We will visit the project site to measure, photograph and document the relevant existing conditions in order to create drawings of existing conditions and new layout.

During the design development stage, our design team will ask the client to share all design inspiration and photos they have saved of design and material selections they like. Our design team will continue to ask questions to narrow down product selections and fine-tune your vision in order to create a mood board for your space. The mood board may include product recommendations, inspiration photos, proposed color palettes, and ideas.

Design and material selections will be done in partnership with our design team to create a detailed list of materials needed, proposed material selections/options, and project budget. We source all the items (appliances, lighting, mirrors, cabinetry, vanity, wallpaper, paint, etc.) needed to complete your space. If we don’t have a sample in-house, we will work with our trade partners and suppliers to request a sample before a final selection is made.

Getting to Work

home-design-in-ChicagoThe final step is realizing your vision. It’s amazing how these things all come together when you have a coordinated team working for you. We handle all aspects of your bathroom update project:

  • Scheduling: There are more variables than you might expect when renovating a bathroom. You have fixture installation, cabinetry, electrical work, plumbing, tile, painting, and all kinds of finishing work. We make sure the right tasks get done, by the right people, in the right order to make your job as efficient as possible.
  • Logistics: Along with project scheduling there is material delivery. We prepare an accurate log of material lead time and coordinate with your project manager to ensure material arrives at the job site when it is needed and ready to install. In addition to the delivery, we also inspect all material to ensure it has arrived as ordered, undamaged, and without missing pieces.
  • Safety: Keeping a construction site safe is a top priority. We never cut any corners when it comes to protecting our team and your home from any injury or damage. This includes the protection of common areas such as stairwells, hallways, and elevators.
  • Communication: While communication doesn’t change the finished product, we find that it makes our clients feel a lot better about how the work is coming along. We will keep you up to date on everything that’s happening, as often as you like.

Ask around, and you’ll see that we consistently complete home and condo designs in Chicagoland that exceed expectations. We can also provide examples of our work, testimonials from previous clients, and anything else that you’d like along with your preliminary bid. Give us a call to discuss your Chicago area home design at 773.683.3033.


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