Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago: Where to Start

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An updated bathroom sits in the top three of most of our lists regarding home remodeling desires, and for a good reason. Your bathroom is not only your designated space for the most intimate of self-care practices, but it’s also a room for decompression and relaxation. Such a sacred space should be beautifully designed to fit both your wants and needs. Since the thought of remodeling any room in your home can feel like a gargantuan task, it is imperative to picture yourself (as well as your loved ones) enjoying the end product! This guide will help you consider all of the possibilities necessary in order to successfully remodel your space. Within the article, we will break down aspects to anticipate when taking on a bathroom remodel of any size.

Create an Inspo Board

Before beginning any project in your home, it’s important to have an idea of not only what you desire aesthetically, but what will best serve you in the space functionally. Of course, a designer can help you flesh out that vision, iron out all of the intricacies, and design features that will enhance the ideas that you already have. Whether you prefer to gather pictures from Google searches, look through your favorite design magazines, curate a Pinterest board, or search through remodeling-related hashtags on Instagram, there are countless mediums at your disposal to draw inspiration from. You can also check out our Houzz profile to see images displaying some of the beautiful spaces that our team has completed. Having some solid ideas for your space will aid your designer in envisioning your dream space.

Consider the Costs

Now that you have some inspiration to fuel your design journey, it’s time to get practical. Look through your Inspo Board and take note of the types of materials that you are drawn to. Selecting a custom or semi-custom vanity will require more of an initial investment than choosing a pre-fabricated one, but this choice could also potentially provide more return on your investment in the long run. The choice of quality of the tile that you desire will play heavily into the overall costs of your project as well. Going with marble tile will be more expensive than a ceramic or porcelain. It’s also important to pay attention to how tile size and material will affect your labor costs. Glass tile or small mosaic is more labor intensive to install and cut versus a standard subway or 12×24 format tile. Researching the pros and cons of the materials that you are drawn to will help you get a realistic view of what the project will cost.

Begin Budgeting

To estimate a budget for your project, we need to consider the size of your remodel and the type of bathroom that you plan on remodeling. Smaller bathroom updates that don’t involve reconfiguring the layout typically begin at 10k. This would include aesthetic changes such as updating tile, replacing a vanity, switching out hardware, etc. For a full gut of a standard-sized (5 x 8 ft.) full bath with a tub/shower combo, pricing would begin at around $25k. If your project involves converting a tub to a walk-in shower, the total cost would lean closer to $30k. On the other hand, if your vision is to remodel your master bathroom into a luxurious space with all separate components (double sink vanity, soaking tub, walk-in shower, and toilet), a full remodel of such a space would cost around $35-$40k. This budget guide is important to keep in mind when determining your remodel investment range.

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Anticipate Timing

After figuring out the estimated budget that you are looking at for your remodel, the next step is to consider the amount of time that it will take to complete the project overall. Since your bathroom is a space that you use every day, multiple times a day, you will definitely want to make an alternative arrangement for the time that it will be inaccessible. If you are considering a small powder room remodel (that does not involve relocating any plumbing or electrical), this project could be completed within as little as one week! However, large projects, of course, take more time. Remodeling a bathroom with a shower typically takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on plumbing configuration. A full bath or a master bathroom will remodel will more than likely take 5-6 weeks.

Contact Our Team for a Walkthrough

You’ve done all of the groundwork to embark on your bathroom remodeling expedition, so what’s next, you ask? Contacting a design professional will not only get you the maximum amount of value out of your project, but it will save you many hours of agonizing as well! Our award-winning team is well-versed in tackling any remodeling project ranging from bathroom remodels to renovating your entire space. It is a designer’s job to consider all of the aspects that you may not consider when remodeling your bathroom. More specifically, these considerations include whether or not it is necessary to move any plumbing, if your layout should be optimized for the maximum amount of storage/space, and the availability/practicality of the materials that you desire, among countless others.

Enjoy the Value!

According to Zillow’s analysis of the average return of investment (ROI) for home resale value, bathroom remodels yield a much higher return than any other investment. More specifically, in the Chicagoland area, homeowners received (on average) 65.7% of their initial value added to their home upon resale, according to’s most recent Cost vs. Value report. If you needed tangible evidence that the bathroom remodel that you have been desiring will add equity to your home, look no further!

Contact the experienced bathroom remodelers at Areté Renovators

The Areté team is dedicated to fulfilling all of your Chicago home remodeling desires. Whether you want a designer to come up with plans for your space or a complete remodel of your home, our in-house team of designers and project managers offer fully customizable services to meet your needs on any project. To get started, schedule a consultation with our team today here, or call Areté at 773.610.4551. Let’s collaborate on creating the space that you deserve!