Basement Remodeling Ideas

Are you terrified each time you go down to your basement? The good news is you can transform that underutilized square footage into a room that will spark joy rather than horror. Continue reading for basement remodeling inspiration:

1. Make the Space Inviting to Accommodate Guests and Family

Chicago Basement RemodelingIf your living room is not large enough to accommodate a lot of guests or your family has limited entertainment options, use the basement. It’s the ideal space for a large screen television, plush seating, in-home gym, a pool table, gaming consoles, and craft supplies, or other bar and entertainment area.

Make sure you choose comfortable seating arrangements that can easily be rearranged to accommodate a crowd. Plus, if you regularly entertain, make sure the room has good lighting, Wi-Fi, and a quality sound system.

2. Maximize Space by Adding Shelves and Storage Areas

Oftentimes we overestimate the size of an empty room. Once you start bringing furniture and other items in, you will quickly realize the true size of your space. Spatial planning is a must! There are several free online spatial room planners that will allow you to visualize your furniture in the space to ensure it all fits. To avoid clutter, think vertically. Shelves and dedicated storage areas can free up floor space and bring additional organization for all the toys, games, and other random items you want out of sight.

3. Re-Invent the Stairs

Your dark basement stairs can be transformed into a bright element that leads into a peaceful space with simple updates. Depending on what your stairs are made of you paint or stain them a brighter neutral color or carpet them which will also help with absorbing sound.

However, you choose to design your basement space, make sure you are always consulting the building code. A professional contractor can be a great partner and help guide you through the process.

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