A Contractor’s Guide to Home Additions

home additionsA new room addition may just be the solution you are looking for to make your home more spacious. It is less expensive than a complete renovation with a change to the floorplan, and it can suit your needs without overwhelming your current living space. Here is some advice from a contractor regarding your addition.

Determine Property Lines

Before planning a new addition to your home, determine where property lines are first, and develop the plan for your plot. Remember to include the landscaping and the location of all of the utilities. You need to leave an easement between your neighboring properties. The City of Chicago has very strict restrictions on how large of a dwelling can sit on a piece of property. Be sure to consult with an architect who can help you determine if you have reached your maximum living space allotment for your lot.

Make Sure the Design Complements the Floor Plan

Examine the existing floor plan of your home before working on the new addition. A professional contractor or architect can help you come up with design dimensions that can complement – rather than compromise it. Besides considering how the new space will be used, consider how the addition will make your home look from the outside – remember, aesthetics play a huge role in a property’s market value. You don’t want your home to look segmented. The addition should flow smoothly both on the interior and exterior.

Determine the Materials You Will Need

Once your drawings and permits have been approved, your contractor can bid on the project as drawn and help with material selection. Sometimes it is easier to tackle room by room. You may want some higher-end finishes and custom pieces in certain rooms and others can be more mid-grade but achieve the same aesthetic.

Beware of Outlier Bids

Always question the outlier bid, whether they sit at the extreme high end or extreme low end of others you have received. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Some contractors may not provide a project manager and expect you to oversee permitting, approval paperwork, design, and manage the construction. Other contractors may come in a little higher but include all of these services as part of their offerings. Always choose a contractor that you feel understands your needs and vision.

Whether you wish to have a new room installed or a complete renovation job to give your home a makeover, trustworthy service is worth its weight in gold. Because new additions in a home are a complex job, you should hire contractors who have years of experience.

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