9 Design Trends to Look for in 2021

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2021 Chicago Design Trends

The year 2020 has made us form a new appreciation for how we live in our homes. A home is no longer just a dwelling place for most people. It is now a place where we work, play, socialize, and rest with blurred lines depicting when it is the correct time to do so. The way we renovate and design our homes has never been more important, and we are stepping into 2021 with a deeper appreciation of how the environment we live in plays a role in our daily lives.

Interior design trends are always coming in and out of style. However, it’s often been said that everything comes back into style eventually, and if you live long enough, you’ll probably see the trends of your youth cycle back into interior spaces a few times. Infusing your spaces with what’s current can be tricky. While you always want your home to look chic, staying on top of the latest trends is a burden with the ever-changing fads.

To help you make sense of it all, we spoke to our designers at Arete and created a 2021 design guide to forecast what this year’s hottest design trends are going to be. With 2021 off to a quick start, many of these trends are already being implemented in Chicago home remodels. If you are looking to freshen up your space, take a look and get some inspiration from these trends that are expected to be prominent in the year to come.

1. “Grandmillenial”

GrandmillenialOne of the newest design trends popping up in 2021 isn’t new at all. Frilly lace, floral patterns, and vintage furniture are all making a comeback this year thanks to a desire for luxury goods without the luxury prices. The old-meets-new trend can be seen through intricate wallpaper, ornamental details, and gold paint. By mixing in a few modern elements, the style is old school and comfortable without looking outdated. The key here is to not overdo it with too many elements, otherwise, the space begins to feel stuffy and overwhelming. This design gives a nostalgic feel to a modern look.

2. Earth Tones

Earth TonesExpect things to warm up a bit in 2021. The stay-at-home mandate has created a need for warmer colors to be incorporated into the spaces we spend the most time in. Warm tones are colors that influence a space to make the atmosphere feel more vivacious and intimate. Warmer neutrals like “camel” and “sage” alongside rich Earth tones like “olive” are expected to replace colder colors like gray and white. This will create a cozier space for everyone to be comfortable in and make your house feel more like home.

3. Natural Materials/Textures

Natural MaterialsThe inclination to bring the outside in really reflects this new trend of using natural materials to decorate the home. Light-toned wood, leather, ceramic, cane furniture, and live plants will continue to furnish homes in 2021 and help freshen up your space. There’s something so cozy and inviting about using natural textures throughout your home. Most people know how important color is in decorating, but not everyone appreciates the need for texture. Try layering these items to create an innate look with plenty of depth and pattern.

4. Closed Floor Plans

Closed Floor PlansIf there is one thing COVID-19 has brought to our attention, it is that we do not have enough privacy in our homes. Many people had to learn how to co-exist under one roof with each room flowing seamlessly into the next. No more! Creating a space just for work, schooling, or other activities has become a necessity, and those open floor plans just aren’t going to cut it.

Consider adding sliding French or barn doors to your space to minimize distractions while working. Not only are these types of doors aesthetically pleasing, but they are also extremely practical. Since they don’t swing open like a traditional door on hinges, you don’t need to account for opening and closing space. This makes barn doors a particularly effective choice for small bedrooms

5. Backyard Escapes

Backyard EscapesTo extend usable living space, many homeowners are looking to their backyards for solutions. Turning storage sheds into cozy cottages, adding a back deck, or erecting pergolas are all options people have chosen to create a space outside of their home. These structures add shade, lounging areas, and a great place to safely socialize without having to travel anywhere.

Having a backyard space that is perfect for hosting or relaxing also increases the value of your property. Homebuyers are much more likely to consider buying a home that already has a deck instead of going through the trouble of adding one themselves. It provides your home with more space and is perfect for those who are introvertedly extroverted, meaning you can safely host without leaving the comfort of your own home.

6. Wainscoting

WainscoatingThis design is dated all the way back to the 1300s. Wainscoting was originally used to help better insulate walls and prevent damage from accidental bumps, knocks, or brush-ups. Now, it is largely used to elevate your space for a more elegant look. Wainscoting can be made of wood, ceramic tile, or marble, and its horizontal lines make it easy to create symmetry with other wall decorations in your home.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade your space, we recommend using wood as your material and painting it to match the rest of your interior. This functional interior design trend just might help you save some money on your heating bill, as well.

7. Oversized Rectangular Tiles

Oversized Rectangular TilesMove over subway tiles, there’s a new trend in town. Oversized tiles help to visually expand a small space and give a more rustic feel to the area, but how large is oversized? Usually, oversized tiles range from 16×16 inches to 24×24 inches. When you choose an oversized tile look, this also means there will be fewer grout lines. Fewer grout lines equal less cleaning, and we think everyone has already done their fair share of disinfecting this past year and predict that oversized tiles will be a hot Chicago bathroom remodeling trend in 2021 and beyond.

These oversized tiles are still being used for classic patterns such as brick, herringbone, and stacked, but don’t be afraid to get creative with them! Single slab tiles for showers like the one shown above have also taken the design world by storm with their innovativeness. They are much easier to install, keep up with, and give a seamless look to the space.

8. Light Filled Spaces

Light Filled SpacesBeing inside for most of the year means natural lighting is a must. Adding features like skylights, floor-to-ceiling windows, and glass doors are essential in your next renovation process if you feel like you’ve been missing out on your daily dose of Vitamin D. It will make your space feel more open and also benefit your mental health.

Lighting also sells. If you are looking to remodel your home to gain some resale value, adding more windows is a great investment. Most homeowners see at least a $10,000 increase in home value when they add or upgrade their windows. Consider investing in some custom window shapes to add architectural interest and amp up the natural light. Expand that gorgeous backyard view with a bay window or add a casement-style window above your kitchen sink.

9. Children’s Playrooms

Children's PlayroomsCarving out a space that is designed just for your children can be beneficial to their creativity and even better for your sanity. However, if your home is not big enough to dedicate a whole room for playtime, that doesn’t mean your kids have to miss out on the fun.

Try adding elements like mini furniture that only they can use, chalk-painted walls for drawing that take up no extra space, and a toy chest to keep the place tidy. Providing your loved ones with a safe space to continue to grow and flourish when their social interactions have been reduced to basically zero will be SO helpful in the grand scheme of things.

As you can see, the design possibilities of 2021 are endless. Many trends like cold neutrals and subway tiles have paved the way for the newer trends to shine through. Whether you are looking to upgrade, just moved in, or wanting to sell, adding any of these design elements in your home will be sure to make your interior space feel like it is yours.

If any of these trends inspired you to want to make a change around your home this year, do not hesitate to contact Arete Renovators in order to help turn your dreams into reality.  Visit us at AreteRenovators.com or call (773) 610-4551 to get a quote, today.