3 Best Garage Rebuilding Ideas for Your New Home

Garage Remodeling in Chicago

garage remodelingHave you just moved into a new home and finally have a garage of your own? No rule says the space must be only for your vehicles, instead, make that space more productive by following these tips.

1. Install a Gardening Station

Use unused space in your garage to create a gardening nook to grow small plants. Start with some additional shelves, a pegboard for your gardening tools, and a workstation to ensure there is plenty of open space for fertilizer bags and other heavy-duty items.

2. Use It to Store Utility Appliances

Bulky appliances, such as your vacuum cleaner, washing machine, and even your furnace, don’t have to take up space in your home. If your garage is spacious enough, store these items, or have them installed in your garage. That way, your house will not feel cluttered and give you more living space to work with.

3. Make a Living Space Above It

Your garage can provide a solid foundation for a new game room for yourself, for your children, or even a space you can rent out for additional income. You will have nothing to worry about if you hire professionals for the job. Experienced builders take architectural cues from a garage before adding the new space on top in order to maintain structural integrity. They can also design and landscape the door leading up to the garage to make it a seamless part of the house, rather than a separate space.

4. Don’t Break the Law

Of course, before hiring builders for your rebuilding project, make sure they have the proper permits to begin work. Illinois has construction laws, which need to be adhered to, as well as regarding the location, size, and design of any new development. This is especially important for garage construction since the job requires excavation and backfill.

A reputable contractor will have permits and experience to install a new garage or make additions to an existing one so they can begin work right away. However, before hiring them, also keep in mind the cost of replacing damaged landscaping in your budget.

Whether you want to have a new garage installed or a room built on top of an existing garage in a garage remodel, get in touch with Areté Renovators for the job. We have more than 18 years of experience in new home construction and can help you realize your vision in terms of design and functionality. Besides garage rebuilding, we can also replace hardwood floors, remodel your kitchen and bathroom and paint your home, among other services.

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